Provisions Beyond Expectation

Provisions beyond our expectations. That’s what God provides. And somehow He always manages to sneak in a little something extra – lagniappe.

Expect the unexpected!

So.. I only intended to write a few lines and share today’s quote; however, I cannot publish this without sharing a snippet of my testimony. You see

Four years ago (August 23, 2018), I was searching for a house to lease. The one I had moved into after my separation had served its purpose. Plus, I needed more space (my son had outgrown his room). Well, I found a house, but could never reach anyone to inquire about it. At the time, my daughter worked for a realty firm so I asked for assistance with finding another contact. Y’all, I really wanted the house. Unfortunately/fortunately she couldn’t, but she did find another house in the same subdivision. One that had just been listed. The one I’m currently living in now.

Four years ago, I wrote about my experience while viewing the house. The house far exceeded my expectations. Not in size – because it’s tiny – but in the details. Not details others would notice but the ones only God knew.

Before losing my first home, I had plans to remodel. Had drawn them out. Had picked colors. Then, the foreclosure happened (couldn’t afford it after my separation). The first place I moved into exceeded my expectations. I had asked for specific things and God provided a little more. When I moved from there, He gave me what I had asked for and again, a little more. You see, I asked for the basics. The things I could think of – number of bedrooms, bathrooms, 2 car garage, front porch – the basics. But He provided the details. From the brick pavers in my kitchen to the exact color of my bathroom (things I had planned for the remodel), this house had it. It didn’t end there. There were so many tiny details that made me smile. Y’all, on that day, I felt so loved. And I still feel loved. To this day, as He always has, He continues to do little things that make me smile. I’m forever grateful and blessed to have His love.

By the way, I dodged a bullet by not getting the other house. Every few months some maintenance company is digging around or working on an issue at or near that property.

Listen, thank you for reading! I just had to share my story. Have a wonderful day.



Expect Great Things

How are you waiting? With or without expectation? You know, “Whatever happens, happens,” OR “I’m expecting exceedingly abundantly above all that I ask or think.”

Me. I’m doing the latter. I’m EXPECTING great things to happen!💃🏽♥️

Today’s 8/8. New day. New week. New beginnings.🌸


Time, Please Slow Down

Can you believe 2020 is almost over?
What a year!!

If you have been reading my blogs for a while, then you would know I began this year without any expectations. Which was a pretty good idea because the pandemic did not have a chance to put a damper on my plans. Ha! Because I did not have any. Well, over the past ten months, sooo many unexpected things have happened. Nothing bad. Actually, everything has been pretty good. The only downside is I often feel like I am in a never ending whirlwind. As if things are always moving much too fast. As soon as I think I have a grip on one thing, something else comes along. One day I will write about it all. But for now, I will continue to go with the flow and adjust to whatever comes.

Y’all, we have a little over two months left in 2020. Only God knows what the rest of the year will bring. Hopeful.