A New Era Is Dawning

Was scrolling through my Twitter feed and saw a face I had not seen in years. I just smiled. They were still doing them. When I tell you, that one face was all the confirmation I needed for why I cannot go back to what I once knew. It’s also confirmation that it is time to move on from where I am, presently.

Actress KJ Smith tweeted the following–

“I used to ride for a lot of people who never rode for me…the end of an era…”

I felt this to my core. I used to put my entire being into others goals and dreams because I absolutely loved seeing them win. In the end, I discovered that they would have never done the same for me.

As KJ said, it’s the end of an era. Going forward, I am not going to invest more into others than I do myself.

Year 50 is loading.

After my mom died, I started purging things I had been holding on to for years. These were things I just could not bring myself to let go of. Today, I need to finish purging. I refuse to take that weight with me into the next part of my life. It’s time to make room for my future.

Yes, a new era is dawning.

Feeling grateful and blessed.♥️


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