I Deleted My Social Media Apps

It is so sad when the only way you can regulate your time on social media is to delete the apps. Yes, I deleted ALL of them – Twitter (my greatest distraction), Facebook and Instagram. Not sure how long this will last. However, at this very moment, I am no longer connected.

Releasing all of the negative, pinned up energy. Only positive thoughts and vibes.


4 thoughts on “I Deleted My Social Media Apps”

  1. I didn’t delete mine, but I have scaled way back…and the longer I stay away the better I feel. This world has gone way past the point of reason and I JUST CAN’T!!

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    1. Hello Deborah,
      I will have to log back on soon because I have other accounts that I need to manage daily. I just have to be more disciplined and avoid the bothersome accounts. You can catch me on The Research Diva. Take Care!


  2. I take breaks. I went a month with no instagram April and May and it was so needed, for my Mental health. I haven’t had facebook in 2 years. I learned I have so much more time without and have read so many books:)

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    1. It’s been pretty difficult staying off my Twitter sites. I have two personal sites, one that was created specifically for my blogs and the other I used to tweet during my favorite shows. Well, both of those had become overwhelming. Even after muting people I was following, I could still see what others liked and it was too much. So, now, I only log on to share my blogs. It’s tempting to start conversations, but I haven’t given in, yet. I definitely needed this break. I actually have more time to blog. Take Care!

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