Wednesday Writings

Y’all, I had some kind of day yesterday. I’m not going to go into details, but it ended with me verbally declaring over and over, “I will not be defeated! I AM a child of God.” By the end of the night, the things I was stressing about had disappeared. Well.. they hadn’t actually disappeared, they were definitely still there; however, I no longer felt overwhelmed.

HA! That was yesterday…

Honestly, I have no idea why I check my emails at 3:00 AM, but I do. Ugh. It’s definitely a habit I need to break. Well, this morning I opened my email and the very first one hit me like a ton of bricks. Whew! Unlike yesterday when I allowed things to get me all worked up, I immediately began declaring – again, verbally – that I AM a child of God and I WILL NOT be defeated!

Y’all, I truly believe words have more power when they’re spoken, when they’re released into the universe. Now.. this goes for negative words too. So, be careful of what you release.

Today, at this very moment, I am declaring —


Listen, if you’re also going through some things, please feel free to make the same declaration, verbally. Change it up however you like. Just make sure you get it out into the universe.

Well, there’s nothing I can do right now about that email so I’m going to publish this blog and go back to sleep. God’s got me.

Y’all have a blessed day.♥️



Do It Afraid

A few years ago, I shared this quote – “Fear is only temporary. Regret lasts forever.” I’m not sure if regret lasts forever; however, I do know fear is only temporary.

Your vision is clear. Don’t allow fear to stop you from fulfilling your purpose. Do it afraid!♥️ ~ Shaun


Still Standing

Smile. You’re still standing!

Yes.. After all you’ve been through, you are still standing. You survived!♥️

This year has taught me that I cannot keep running from the storms, the pain, the disappointments, the heartaches. No, I have to stand in them and through through them. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting too old for this. I’m too tired. Then, God reminds me that He’s strong when I’m weak. All I have to do is lean on Him. He’s brought me through before and He’ll do it again. BUT.. I have to go through it. Running from it only delays the breakthrough. It delays progress, which delays the dream.




Life.. Will It Ever Make Sense?

They say one day everything will make sense. But what if it doesn’t? What if the ups and downs of life never makes sense?

My advice– a word for myself– don’t try to make things make sense. As long as God has you in His hands, you’ll be fine. Trust Him.♥️ ~ Shaun