Y’all, I woke up this morning feeling rejuvenated! You wanna know why? It’s because I actually slept all night.. ALL NIGHT! I went to bed around 11:30 and didn’t wake up until 6:30 this morning. Listen! I haven’t slept all night in ages. Like, years! Honestly, I don’t even know how to process this feeling. It’s like being on a great vacation and being in love all wrapped in one great feeling. Whew!! I had noooo idea a night of great sleep could make me feel this good. I must do it more often.

Anyhoo… Because I slept so wonderfully, I didn’t draw or post a quote this morning. However, I did find a quote in my Facebook memories from last year that I’d like to share. Usually, around this time of the year, I’m releasing something. However, this year, I have nothing to release. In no way was this an uneventful, stress-free year, but I have nothing to release. Nothing. Perhaps I released everything throughout the year. This year I didn’t hold on to hurts and disappointments as long as usual. I processed and released them quickly. Smiling. Growth!

Facebook Memory: December 23, 2021

It is amazing how feelings, thoughts and things can keep us emotionally trapped in the past. We must believe that when God removes something or someone from our lives, it is meant for our good OR their good (yeah…it’s not always about us). Whatever God is telling you to release, release. Your purpose depends on you letting go and moving forward.

Whatever or whoever was left behind was left for a reason. With this said… Whatever or whoever remained, remains for a reason. It’s all about purpose. Y’all be blessed.♥️ ~ Shaun


The Beginning of a Journey

Happy 5th Blogging Anniversary to Me!

Until I read my journal entry from 2017, I had no idea I began blogging in December of that year. My first blog, the one I’m sharing below, was written on December 4, 2017. My “official” first blog was written on December 6, 2017. Boy were my goals and aspirations different. Things changed. Life changed. I really was a different person– a totally different person. As always, God’s timing is impeccable. I needed to re-read these today. So grateful He loves me.

Word of advice– Be careful not to let life or people break you. Set boundaries. Only give from your overflow. Know when to cut ties. And lastly, protect your peace!

Here’s the very first one!
December 4, 2017

I was born in the Mississippi Delta. I was born to a teenage mother. I was born an African American female. Some would say I was born a statistic. …

The Beginning of a Journey

Life.. Will It Ever Make Sense?

They say one day everything will make sense. But what if it doesn’t? What if the ups and downs of life never makes sense?

My advice– a word for myself– don’t try to make things make sense. As long as God has you in His hands, you’ll be fine. Trust Him.♥️ ~ Shaun


The Flow

Life happens, right? And some things are just completely beyond our control. I would say this past week has taught me the meaning of, “Just go with the flow.” However, it’s one lesson I’ve been learning over the past year and a half.

Last night I finally stop resisting it, even the slightest bit. Last night I changed my prayer from, “Lord, I’m tired. Please help me make it.” to “Lord, I know you will not put more on me than I can bear. Please help me handle things from a place of peace.”

Today, I’m going with the flow from a place of peace. Projects that need to get done will be done when I get to them. Deadlines will have to be pushed back, and I’m okay with that. I know that where I am at this moment is where I need to be. God’s got me. Everything will always work out according to God’s plan, which will always be in my favor. ♥️



Life Gets Better

How many times have you started your day and right when you think everything is going well, you hit a bump? #GottaLoveLife, right?!

Listen, don’t let the bumps get you down. Over the years, I’ve learned that bumps are only lessons designed to make us stronger. So breathe, release, refocus and KEEP GOING! Life does get better.♥️ ~ Shaun