Three Years Shy of Half a Century– YAY, Me!!

One day a princess was born. Her mother named her LaShaundrea. Today is LaShaundrea’s birthday. Now a queen; nevertheless, always a princess at heart.

My response to the UK’s #247Challenge

Thanking God for allowing me to see another year of life. Y’all, I am three years shy of half a century. Yay!! Yeah, that is how I view 50. It is not half of 100 but half a century. That term just makes me feel regal. Hence, I am a queen! Lol.

So, every year I set a theme for my birthday year. Last year’s was “New Beginnings.” Over the past few days, I have been trying to come up with a theme for this year. I am stuck between “Just Be” and “Being Present.” Both are about being authentically true to myself. I am who I am and I need to fully embrace me. I need to embrace my thoughts, beliefs and decisions, even if they are unpopular with others. This year, I am giving myself permission to be a little selfish and a little less selfless. Do not get me wrong, this does not mean that I am going to be rude, or disrespectful, it just means I really need to put myself first.

Anyway, looking forward to another blessed year. Yes.. a very blessed year. God is good!



4 thoughts on “Three Years Shy of Half a Century– YAY, Me!!”

  1. Yayyyyy…now I understand all the fireworks going off!! Hope you’re having a grand time with your first (and I hope only) quarantine birthday celebration!! Happy birthday Shaun

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