Wednesday Writings, Part 2

After reading a few journal entries, I’ve discovered the drive behind my faith– optimism. High optimism. Basically, my faith is the strongest when my head is in the clouds. When I believe the impossible is possible. And guess what? That’s exactly when the impossible actually happens. Y’all, when I’m on an optimistic high, the earth moves!

For the past few years – since October 2019 – I haven’t cared for October. But looking back, October used to be my month. It’s the month that I usually attend our national dietetics conference – FNCE. I always looked forward to attending them because they seemed to boost my drive to do more and be more. Y’all, I really feed of off energy. And right now, I feel depleted. Honestly, I feel like the Little Engine That Could. I keep saying, “I think I can. I think I can,” but can’t. Honestly, my adrenaline is gone and I’m running off of vapors. Praying, praying, praying that I find another source of energy.

Wow! Just writing this has been eye opening. I’ve actually been feeding off of their energy… Okay, so how do I produce my own? Asking God

Anyhoo.. me and my “Aha” moments. At least this is a start. Thanks for reading Part 2 of Wednesday Writings.♥️


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