Wednesday Writings

Hmmm… I think I like “Wednesday Writings” better than plain old “Wednesday.” What do y’all think? Guess I’ll try it for the next few Wednesdays and see if it sticks.

So, I’m feeling pretty lazy today, and today I have so much to do. Last week I was sick, like really sick. Had sinus problems on top of a summer cold. I was pretty miserable but could not sit still. I was sick for a few days and I kept moving like I had a million things to do– and didn’t! Now here I am today, feeling all great with so many things to do, and all I want to do is lounge around. Life.

Oh… today is my 7 year Twitterversary for one of my Twitter accounts- my main account- my fun account- my happy account- the one that keeps me smiling account. Yes, I’m smiling. Lol.

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 8 year Twitterversary on my first account. The day I signed on to officially resign the account was the day of my anniversary. I had no idea. I guess that account had fulfilled its purpose. Hadn’t tweeted from it in years but was holding on to it because it was my first. Decided not to deactivate it because, just like my journals, it holds so many memories. Now I’m down to 3-4 accounts but only two are personal.

Anyhoo… as you can see this was very random. I just felt like writing. By the way, I’ll be 48 in 8 days and I have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I know my kids will make it exciting. They always do! That’s one of the perks of having adult children, you no longer have to plan your own celebrations. Yep… life is good.

Well, let me get up and get going. I’ll rest this weekend. Y’all enjoy your day!




Tonight’s the season premiere of one of my favorite shows– Tyler Perry’s Sistas! Woohoo… Y’all, I’ve been excited for weeks– interacting with Sistas’ social media accounts, watching videos, answering questions and sharing posts. Then last night my allergies started bothering me so I took some allergy medicine. This morning I woke up feeling blah. I was up all night blowing my nose. I’m so sad because I wanted to fully indulge in all the season premiere festivities but I feel horrible. Think I’ll eat breakfast and take a nap. Hopefully I’ll feel better before my show airs this evening. I just cannot not tweet during the season premiere. I just can’t! Lol

I’m going to leave you with a blog I wrote several months ago. It’s about my favorite character, Aaron. Y’all, he is the man I believed him to be. Smiling

It’s My Tweet Night

It’s Wednesday, my tweet night! Y’all, I just love live tweeting during my shows. There’s nothing like reading people’s reactions to different scenes…

It’s My Tweet Night

P.S. If you would like to tweet with us during tonight’s show use the hashtag #SistasOnBET. It airs tonight on BET at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

Please forgive any gibberish or typos. Let’s just call it “typing while drowsy.” I’ve attempted to edit it but I probably haven’t done a great job. Lol!

Enjoy your day!




Speak life and believe. Every day. All day.

Yesterday I had decided I was going to blog about balance, balance and peace. However, this morning it was laid on my heart to blog about the importance of speaking life over our lives and the power of belief. I know it sounds like I’m about to preach a sermon but I promise you I’m not. This will be short– very short.

So this morning I woke up with Donald Lawrence’s song “I Speak Life” playing over and over in my head. Even though I kept hearing it, I still had plans of writing about balance. Well, that was until I read my journal entry from six years ago– May 26, 2015. That entry was the confirmation I needed to proceed in this direction. My guess is that this blog must be written, if not for someone else, for me for whenever I need it. Because more than likely, I’ll need to read it again. You know, that’s just how God works. His messages are always available when we need them. Anyhoo.. testimony time.

My Testimony:

It had been exactly two months to the day that I had been separated from my ex. Although my life seemed pathetic, I was happy. Y’all, I was back to driving my little, raggedy Dodge Neon– which was falling apart but was drivable and reliable. I was also about to lose my house and eventually did. With all of that going on, I woke up that morning not knowing if I would be employed a few months later. One of the grants I was working on was wrapping up, and the other didn’t have enough funds to pay my entire salary. However, there was an instructor’s position open. Although I had never considered teaching, I applied for the position. I applied for it with the request that I was allowed to continue to do research. The department chair at that time informed me that all of the other instructors only taught courses and they needed a full-time instructor. Instead of worrying about it, knowing I really needed the job and should’ve taken what was offered, I gave it to God and confidently told a friend, “God’s got me.” Listen, I spoke and believed God had me covered. I wrote about how I went about my day basically praising God all day. Everyone who knows me knows I’m always full of praise. Y’all God really is that good! Listen, by that evening God had worked everything out. I received an email from the Chair saying they had found a way for me to teach 50% of the time and do research the other 50. Whew!! When I tell you there’s power in speaking and believing! If it does not happen, it’s not that your belief is not strong, it just means God has other plans. And believe me, His plans are always better.

That testimony was only one of many. Whenever I find myself wanting to speak something negative, God blocks it. I’m constantly reminded, and I remind others, that words have power. Whether you speaking them over your life or about others, they’re powerful; and once they are said, you cannot take them back. Motivational speaker Les Brown said that even the smallest amount of doubt spoken can change the flow of God’s blessings (paraphrased). So remember to speak life and only speak life, and don’t forget to believe.

Be Blessed,




Positive vibes only!

So today I decided to share another Facebook memory. I’m not sure what was going on at the time but it seems as if I was fed up with negativity. I’ll just say this, once I started distancing myself from negative people and situations, my life became so much more peaceful. Today, when negativity rears its ugly head, positivity rushes in like a superhero and Knocks It Out! No lie! I’m smiling as I write because I couldn’t say this five years ago, which is when I wrote this post. Listen, when I tell you God has put in some work over the years, believe me. I’m sooo loving my new life!

May 19, 2016

Just thinking about life.

Trying to get people to see things differently is very difficult. If a person had a negative experience with a person, place or thing, it’s almost impossible to get them to see anything positive about any of those things. So do you continue to encourage them to be positive or just leave it alone? Negative people (myself included) and situations are exhausting! Whenever I feel myself becoming negative I try to remove myself from whatever is causing the negativity. Those vibes are contagious!

So to answer my question- Do you continue to encourage people to be positive or leave the situation alone?. Well, I’m learning to let people be. Whatever that person feels is on them. If they enjoy negativity, they enjoy it. I’ve learned to accept who they are, which has made my life so much easier. My opinions are mine and theirs are theirs. Life is too short to be stressed over things and situations only God can change. But ALWAYS keep praying for them! Be blessed~

Listen, keep those negative vibes away from you. As I said, they’re contagious! I pray you have more positive experiences than negative ones. Whenever you feel yourself becoming negative, please find a way to distance yourself from whatever is causing the negativity. You deserve a positive life.

Have a blessed day!



It’s Wednesday

I’m still not sold on the “Wednesday” title. Sounds boring. At least I added “Hello” to Sunday. If y’all have suggestions, please share. My Wednesdays need help!

Anyhoo.. Short story…

Yesterday someone decided to create a fake Twitter account by cloning mine. Y’all, I’m so happy someone caught it when it first happened. I’m not going to lie, at first I was somewhat flattered. Couldn’t believe someone wanted to be me. But then, the more I thought about it, the more agitated I became. I kept trying to figure out the person’s thought process behind creating the account. Talk about perplexed! Why me? I’m not famous. I don’t have many followers. Why my account? As I sat there trying to figure it all out, I noticed that some of my followers started following the account. Okay, that’s when I got upset. LISTEN… I really wanted to cuss the person out. Like… FOR REAL!! However, I decided to take the high road.. WHEW.. by politely telling them they needed help and that I was praying for them; all while I was praying for myself. Lord knows I wanted to go off! Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would have to report someone for impersonating me. What’s wrong with people? Do they not have anything better to do than create confusion? Are they that unhappy with their lives that they have to pretend to be other people. Some might say they’re just hackers trying to solicit money or people playing around. Either way, they’re still miserable. No one who is mentally stable and love themselves would be involved in such foolishness.

Anyway, in the end, I was forced to prove my identity to have them removed. Crazy, huh!

My life…

Y’all, enjoy your Wednesday! Remember, just be yourself. And I guess I should add, make YOU so great that others want to be you! Lol