Divine Encounters

Have you ever met someone who you connected with instantly? Like, no bad vibes at all. You know, someone you could be yourself around without feeling judged? Well, I met that person tonight. After talking to her for a while, we discovered that we knew each other through our business pages on Facebook. Once we recognized the connection, we hugged and had a conversation like two old friends. During our conversation, I told her that I had asked God for something specific and that she had provided it.

She left me with a few tasks to complete. Tasks God’s been prompting me to do but I keep putting off. She told me to text her when I finished. For two years I have been struggling with this one thing and in one encounter I received exactly what I needed.

Y’all, trust God. Trust Him to provide exactly what you need. The funny thing is I have heard it all before. However, the way she delivered the message was exactly the way I needed to hear it. I felt like it was actually coming from someone who was like me. We both realized our personalities were quite similar, very carefree and random; and we both trust God to provide all of our needs.

Grateful for our meeting.

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