God’s Provisions

God’s provisions are always provided as needed. Not when we necessarily believe we need them, but when God knows we need them.♥️ ~ Shaun

God’s provisions are always on time. Not too early or too late, but on time.

Last night I wrote about my divine encounter with a young lady. An encounter that provided me with what I had been longing for for two years. I have been getting bits and pieces of what I have needed along the way, but there has always been something missing. Then last night happened. What seminars, webinars, lectures and watching motivational videos couldn’t provide, she provided in less than 30 minutes. One thing she mentioned, which really hit home, was that maybe I was supposed to use this time to rest. Y’all, when I tell you I wanted to cry! So proud of myself for holding it together and not becoming emotional.

If you recall, around this time last year I started reading Christy Nockels’ “The Life You Long For: Learning to Live from a Heart of Rest.” I received that exact same message while reading the book. I needed to take that time and rest. Instead, I kept trying to make things happen… same as now. Last night I was asked why am I not resting. She asked me if I felt obligated to overextend myself. Hmm… I guess the answer is I have been conditioned to believe that if people do not see me working or performing they would believe I am slacking. Which is one of the reasons I am always on social media. If I am not posting content, then I must not be working. Doesn’t even make sense, right? I believe I got stuck on the notion that visibility is everything. If people don’t see you, you’re not doing anything. It’s kind of like those people who walk around the office like they are always in a hurry but aren’t really working as hard as they appear. Basically, it’s counterproductive.

Anyhoo… back to the subject of rest. Here I am almost a year later and I have only attempted to rest a few hours at a time. It’s like I cannot turn off my mind from thinking of ideas to make improvements to my business. I keep asking myself what can I do better, then attempt to do it; but nothing seems to be working. And you know how you hear that still small voice tell you to do something but you continuously blow it off because you believe it won’t have the same impact. Well, it has finally dawned on me that even though the tasks seem insignificant, they are exactly what I need to focus on. The other will come with time – in God’s time.

I guess all of this was a great big lesson. I would like to sit and sulk about the time I have lost, but I can’t and won’t. Yesterday, my friend Deborah shared the following quote below. I reshared it and replied that that was the second time I had seen that same message (not the exact quote) that morning and that even though at the moment I did not feel it was for me, it probably would be later on. And guess what, it is just what I need at this very moment.

The Quote-

Letting go.
Moving on.

Wishing each and every one of you a fabulous weekend. Be Blessed!♥️

2 thoughts on “God’s Provisions”

  1. Your blogs are always so on point, I have been struggling with my “busyness” and not focusing on me…I think I’m going to do just that, and rest and refocus on me, and making me better before I try to make everyone around me better…thanks for your insight and thoughtfulness…

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