Be Encouraged

I can hear William Becton and choir singing–

“Be encouraged, no matter what’s going on. He’ll make it alright, but you gotta stay strong.”

God’s got you!♥️ ~ Shaun


Hello Sunday

News Flash!

Our dreams and goals require that we work for what we want. We must also be patient and trust God’s timing while we work. Eventually, our hard work and dedication will pay off.

Have a blessed Sunday!♥️



Be Still

When God tells us to be still, He means, “Be Still!” This means to stop thinking about it. Leave it alone!

He’s shown me again and again that He works best when I stop interfering. When I stop trying to figure things out.

Allow Him to work.♥️ ~ Shaun


Wednesday Writings

Happy Wednesday! I’m not going to keep you long. Wanted to share a snippet of a Facebook memory from a few years ago.

Facebook Memory: January 18, 2019:

I came across a quote that read, “Stay the Course.” Y’all, we have to stay the course because so many blessings are awaiting us. Even if you’re barely hanging on by a thread, don’t let go. Hold on to that one pinch of hope. God is working and everything will work in your favor. Don’t Give Up

Listen, do not give up. God has a way of making everything fall into place. So, stop stressing. Stop trying to figure things out. Go on about your day doing what you do – minus the stressing – and allow God to do what He does.

Wishing you a peaceful day!♥️

Be Blessed



Pour Into Others

You have been blessed with many gifts that are meant to be shared. Don’t hold on to them. Give someone what you wish someone would have given you.

Blessings flow when we pour into others.♥️


Follow Your Passion

Whatever you are passionate about at the moment (yes.. sometimes our passions change), follow it. It’s part of your journey.♥️

Y’all, I’m so glad I can finally say that I’m wholeheartedly following my passion. Even passions for things I thought were long gone have been rekindled. They’re just happening on a different level. Y’all, when I tell you God is sooo good! Whew!! I’m blessed. ~ Shaun