God’s Plan IS the Best

Have you ever found yourself ‘secretively’ devising an alternate plan just in case God’s plan isn’t the right fit or He’s moving much too slowly? Well, I have. Funny thing is it’s not a secret. He sees us! The best thing we can do is be still and wait because y’all, His plan IS the best plan. ~ Shaun


Take the First Step

I’m learning this more and more. Take the first step and God will do the rest. I’m not going to lie, taking the first step isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to take it afraid and sometimes you have to take it alone. However, in the long run, you’ll look back and realize it was all worth it.


Trusting God’s Plan

The song, I Understand, by Smokie Norful has been playing over and over in my head since yesterday morning; and this particular verse seems to be stuck on repeat:

One more day, one more step
I’m preparing you for myself
And when you can’t hear my voice
Please trust my plan
I’m the Lord, I see and yes, I understand

The part that mostly stands out– well, for me that is– is “I’m preparing you for myself.” To me, this says it all. Too often we forget that God created us to fulfill His purpose. Y’all, it is not about us. It is all about Him.

Honestly, who knew 2020 was going to be this WILD! I know I didn’t. HA! God definitely has a sense of humor. I was just reminded that I entered 2020 without expectations (Happy New Year! Let Go and Let God). All I can do is smile. Y’all, God has receipts! Lol

Yep… I am trusting His plan.