Happy Birthday Mr. Sutton!

Today is my daddy’s birthday!

Yes, I’m a daddy’s girl!

Although I cannot be with him today, I can’t wait to call him. Y’all, I love my daddy!

Several blogs ago, I touched on relationships between Black fathers in their children’s lives. In that specific blog I was referring to an episode of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. The characters, Miranda and Calvin, were discussing Calvin’s relationship with their son Christian. Miranda had found a job opportunity about 800 miles away. Calvin did not want her to take it because he wouldn’t get to see Christian as often. Well, I didn’t see a problem with it because for most of my childhood I lived over 800 miles away from my dad.

With that said, there were times I wondered what it would feel like to live with him. Well, I kinda got my wish when I stayed with my great great grandmother during my 4th and 5th grade years of school. I finally got to see him almost daily. Sadly, whenever I did stay at his house, I barely spent time with him and neither did my siblings who actually lived with him. Y’all, my dad is a workaholic! To this day, he still works seven days a week. He wakes up and goes to bed thinking about work. Several years ago, he suffered two strokes which slowed him down, but he never stopped working. Honestly, I believe working keeps him alive.

I really do wish I could spend time with him today. Might drop in on him this weekend. Over the years I have learned to cherish the few hours I have with him at home or go to work with him. I think I might just go to work with him since he is the one being celebrated. Y’all should see his smiles whenever I decide to hang out with him at work. He just be cheesing. Yeah… I think that’s what I’ll do.

Hope y’all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Be Blessed♥️


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