Perseverance: Today is Day 500

Perseverance– steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Persevere.♥️

Celebrating 500 consecutive days of blogging. And just think, at one point I didn’t believe I could make it past 50. God is so good. Doing what I’m meant to do. Doing what I love! AND I’m still drawing. Again, God is so good. Blessed


Wednesday Writings

Hello June! Oh how I’ve missed you.

Y’all, it’s my birthday month and the final year of my 40s. All I can say is, WHAT A RIDE! Y’all, if my 40s were a movie, it would win Oscars in multiple categories. Like.. for real! Talk about one wonderfully, crazy decade! If someone would have told me my 40s were going to be wild, I would’ve laughed my head off – “Quit playing!”

So, I always set a theme for my birthday year. This past year I focused on embracing my freedom. This next year it’s Smooth Sailing. I just want to lay back, relax, create and let the gentle waves take me wherever they please. Whatever blessings come my way, I’m grasping them without overthinking. And the troubles I encounter.. HA! I’m handing those over to God.

Yep.. Smooth Sailing.

Well, I still have a little over three weeks to build up to the big event. Today I’m celebrating with a road trip and lunch– both work related but I’m going to celebrate like this event was planned in my honor. Then tonight I’m going to chat with a few sistas as we watch our favorite show, Tyler Perry’s Sistas. Yep.. the second half of Season 4 returns tonight! What a way to kick off my celebration!

Anyhoo.. let me publish this so I can get on the road. Enjoy your Wednesday!



Celebrating 200 Days

Congratulations Shaun!

DAY 200

I made it! So why does it feel like any other day? Hilarious!

I’m not sure what I expected. Did I expect to wake up to music playing, balloons floating, lights flashing and confetti falling? Y’all, I’m actually laughing. Honestly, what did I expect?

This is my life. I build myself up for something I consider a major event. I think about it for weeks. I anticipate what will happen and how I will react and then… NOTHING. It is just another day, another event.

So what fuels me? What keeps Shaun going?

It appears to be the anticipation of something wonderful possibly happening once a goal is met. However, often.. much too often.. that never happens. So, what do I do? I continue on. I set another goal. I think about it daily. And I allow my imagination to run wild while anticipating a grand finale hoping that one day I will wake up to music playing, balloons floating, lights flashing and confetti falling. Yep.. that’s me!

I love my life. I would not want to live it any other way. Wanna know why? It’s because I know that one day it will happen. I know it will! Listen, I am just as sure of it as I was when I was a little girl dreaming of marrying Michael Jackson. No one could tell me otherwise. Smiling

Thanks for reading and please enjoy your day. See you tomorrow!



Hello Sunday

Today would have been Aunt Beaulah’s 65th Birthday. I don’t usually celebrate birthdays of deceased relatives. However, today I am going to celebrate hers. I think it is fitting since we buried her yesterday. I will just call it an extended home going celebration. I believe she would get a kick out of it.

Today is for you, Aunt Beaulah!

Beaulah Sutton

Independence Day 2020

Freedom is not free. What sacrifices are you willing to make?

What legacies are you passing on? What will your descendants say about you?

Please watch NPR’s YouTube video, Frederick Douglass’ Descendants Deliver His ‘Fourth of July’ Speech, and please, please share. Note: The actual speech is titled, What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

Here are my thoughts after watching the video:

I believe Frederick Douglass’ descendants reading his “Fourth of July” speech is just as powerful as the speech itself. It is up to us to continue the difficult conversations surrounding racial issues, even on Independence Day.

Honestly, I considered not sharing this video. I did not want to interrupt the happy celebrations. But are the celebrations truly joyous? Because after the fireworks, BBQs, SAFE social gatherings, and “Happy 4th of July” pictures and posts, racial inequality remains. I mean.. only a few days ago Mississippi finally removed its racially divisive flag— in 2020!! What year did the United States gain its independence? Umm..1776. What year was slavery abolished in the United States? Supposedly 1865. And what year is this, again? Hmm.. 2020 in the 21st century.

Y’all, we cannot continue to pretend everything is okay, because IT IS NOT. Change is happening NOW, and WE must keep up the momentum. We cannot sit back and wait for another great leader to come along and tell us what to do. They have already done that. They have already equipped us with everything we need. Now it is our time to follow through. Not tomorrow or next month, but NOW!

Who’s with me?!

P.S. Be sure to watch the commentary at the end of the video. POWERFUL‼️