Hello Sunday!

Hello Sunday!

Today I am choosing to be present. To actively live in each moment. That is what I did on my birthday; and honestly, that was one of the most peaceful days I have ever experienced in my life. No lie. No anticipations– just went with the flow. Y’all, I even worked on my birthday and did not feel the least bit of anxiety because I was not doing what I had planned. That day, I actually let go and allowed life to happen. And guess what– everything worked out perfectly. So today, with God’s help, I know I can do it again.

Praying you have a peacefully, blessed Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Hello Sunday!”

  1. So awesome! Glad you had an amazing birthday that lead to learning and growing and being present in the moment and understanding it’s ok when things don’t go as planned:) This has been a huge lesson for me the past 2 years.

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