It’s Yours, Make It Happen

The stage is set. Now, it’s up to you to make it happen. Do not miss this opportunity. It’s already yours!♥️ ~ Shaun

It’s yours!

This was one of the first graphics I created to share on social media. I remember being hesitant to put my brand on it. I kept thinking about what others would think. Would they think I was trying to emulate someone else? I shared it on Facebook, but refused to share it on Twitter. On Facebook, I was mostly among family and friends. I felt it was a pretty safe space for sharing new ideas. However, Twitter… Twitter was a different beast. You do not post anything on Twitter and not expect criticism. It took me forever to share my blogs on my platforms, and they are MY platforms.

Anyhoo… Now I share whatever I please, and I am not afraid to promote my brand. I am finally living within my authenticity in all spaces. I am who God created me to be, and it feels so good and freeing to finally be me.

Side Note: It always amazes me how God has me leave nuggets of wisdom and encouragement for my future self. Nuggets that are always relevant for when they are needed. Forever grateful. I’m blessed.

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