Hello Sunday!


Evolve – develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form

Oxford Languages

Evolution is necessary for growth and sustainable success. Times are changing. Mindsets are changing. Technology is forever changing. What once was the best way of doing things 10-20 years ago, no longer works well today.

This is also true with relationships. What once was, no longer is. Meaning, we change, we evolve. Unless you live in a bubble, or are dead set in your beliefs and ways, admit it, you have change. Think about it, there are things you enjoyed years ago that you no longer enjoy today. This is the same with relationships. Most of us love the person we first met. Something drew us to them and things just clicked. However, over time, the relationship became a little more complex. We began to notice our differences in personalities and preferences. Then one of us, if not both, began to change and grow– evolve.

Believe me, evolution can be difficult to accept in relationships especially when you are not growing together. In the end, it is up to us to decide whether or not we accept the other person’s change or resist it. Caution– resistance will cause problems, even result in failed relationships. Honestly, when you think about relationships they are no different than businesses and companies. When businesses and companies do not evolve, they fail. So, if you are in a relationship (any kind of relationship) where someone is evolving, ask yourself if you are willing to accept their evolution or resist it. Just know that resisting it might be the end of your relationship, or the end of what once was.

If you are not evolving, believe me, someone around you is. Face it, evolution is inevitable. You can either accept it or resist it.

Note for those evolving– Evolve! Even if it risks relationships, evolve! You owe it to yourself and God, not to remain the same.


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