Wednesday is the apex of a typical work week. Y’all, I live for Wednesdays. Especially Wednesdays after 1:00 p.m. Wednesdays make me feel like no matter what Thursdays or Fridays hold, I will make it.

With that said, I know Wednesday does not have the same meaning for everyone. And for many, it is not the apex of their work week. It’s just another day. You see, I was a shift worker throughout my active duty career. When I worked eight-hour shifts, they were a mixture of day shifts, swing shifts, and mid shifts. Twelve-hour shifts were either 12 hour days or nights. I never had a consistent schedule or many weekends off, so I longed for regular work weeks. I longed to feel normal. So today, I am grateful for this privilege. So grateful for Wednesdays.

It’s the little things that makes me smile and Wednesdays make me smile.


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