Follow Your Passion

Have you ever had so much you could write about that you couldn’t write at all? That’s how I’m feeling right now. Good thing I have my Facebook memories.

The following is a quote by Jen Welter, the National Football League’s first female coach. I shared this quote on March 17, 2019 along with my own words of encouragement, which I have also included below.

“Happy Sunday! Today’s the last day of Spring Break for some of us. Time to reset our alarms.😕 On that note, here’s today’s social media find. During undergrad I had a conversation with one of my classmates about being passionate about doing research and helping others. She said that I should never be passionate about a job. My passion should only be with my children and providing for them. Although she meant well, I’m so happy I didn’t listen to her advice and pursue other job opportunities. I didn’t choose my career based on money. I followed my passion. I love the work I do. I know it’s preparing me for other opportunities that align with my passion. God has always provided no matter how much my salary has been. So, my advice to you is, follow your passion.”

Y’all, I’m following my passion. Anxious to see where it leads me.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day!


1 thought on “Follow Your Passion”

  1. Passion is so much more than a pay check you can cash….it’s an inner satisfaction no amount of money can give you. People that aren’t passionate about the “job” they are doing are really only there for the pay check…they will be miserable no matter what!

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