Hello Sunday

I believe God reveals things in stages. He reveals them when He knows we are equipped and ready to move to the next level. Whether we view the revelations as disappointments or blessings, every reveal or “aha” is always on time, and always meant for our good.

Last night, I had a major revelation that normally, I would have considered a disappointment rather than a blessing. Something that would have had me in tears. Believe me, part of me wanted to be sad, even throw a pity party, but I couldn’t. Subconsciously, I always knew the truth. Yeah.. I always knew. I guess last night God decided it was finally time for me wake up. So He hit me with something I could not deny – the truth in black and white, all spelled out. Honestly, if it had been revealed any sooner – even the day before – I would have had a meltdown.

I’m smiling because God is always on time. When He says it’s time to move, He means – it’s time to move!

So, now what? Now that I know the truth, what will be my next move?

Well, I know that everything I experienced was for a purpose. At this moment, I am not quite sure of what purpose. However, I plan to use what I have learned to guide me through the next part of my journey. As they say, when you know better, you do better.



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