Haven’t had time to draw or think these past few days. So thankful I have sources to pull from. Here is what I shared a year ago:

Facebook Memory– May 6, 2022

You ARE chosen and positioned to fulfill a purpose, God’s purpose. You have been placed where you are to impact lives. Never forget that it’s bigger than you.♥️


Have a wonderful Saturday!



For Purpose & Growth

Embrace where you are at this current moment. No, it’s not where you are meant to stay. It’s where you need to be for a specific purpose as well as for growth. Find out what you can glean from this experience.♥️ ~ Shaun

Stand still and take it all in.

There are so many things I’m still perplexed about after so many years. I’m finally learning that I do not have to have all of the answers right now. That it’s okay not knowing it all or seeing the full picture. My job right now is to make the best of where I am and be of service to others. I also understand that my current experiences are fuel for growth. Yes, I’m learning.

On another note:

I tweeted last night during the season finale of one of my favorite shows, Tyler Perry’s The Oval. It felt so good to tweet again. However, my experience wasn’t the same as before. Y’all, it was better! You see, I used to tweet to make sure the show trended. Not sure why I felt it was my responsibility to do that, but I did. Crazy, huh?! This time it was about chatting and enjoying conversations with fellow watchers.

Tonight, I have another season finale to watch, Tyler Perry’s Sistas. Now y’all know this one’s my favorite! No, I’m not going to tweet during this one. I have found my place and space for chatting in our We Are Sistas group. Don’t have to worry about trends, numbers, etc. It’s my happy space on Sistas Wednesdays. By the way, that guy Aaron – the accountant/preacher – has a few skeletons in his closet, and I love it! He was just a tad bit too clean… too nice… too perfect. With that being said, I do believe people can change, and maybe he has; but, you can’t tell me he’s been squeaky clean his entire life. There had to be some drama at some point in his life. Ain’t nobody that perfect!

Anyhoo… Let me get my day started. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday and a fabulous rest of the week.