Wednesday Writings

I cannot believe it’s already the last Wednesday in October! This year has really flown by. Y’all, 2022 is literally right around the corner. I have so many things coming up next year. So many adjustments to make.

First, my daughter will be turning 27 on January 27. Planning something big!

Then, my son graduates from high school in May 2022. We are already applying to colleges, signing up for college tours, and ordering graduation paraphernalia. Not sure if I’m ready for this.

Me.. What do I have planned for myself? Umm.. NOTHING. Which makes me kind of nervous because I knew this time was coming; however, I did not expect it to arrive so soon. I need to start planning for life on my own. Honestly, what will that look like?

One thing I know for sure is that over the next several months I have to be intentional about the moments I have with my two. I will try not to smother them, but I hope they are prepared to be loved on like crazy. Yes, I love my babies.

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy your Wednesday!


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