Very Random Blog

Yesterday I posted my first blog! I’m excited because I’m following through with something I love. I have NO idea where I’m going. None. All I know is that I’m moving and I can’t stop. – Journal entry dated December 7, 2017

So far I have published almost 450 blogs between this site and my other. Yesterday, I posted the quote, “Success requires sacrifice which requires discipline.” I added the following to the post I shared on Twitter:

After reading #WillSmith’s memoir, I truly believe anything’s possible. Too often we allow others to define what our success should look like. But it’s personal and should only be defined by us.

Align your sacrifices and discipline with what you truly want and it will happen.

I added even more to my Facebook and Instagram posts. For me, success is not based on financial goals or popularity. It is based on the ability to do what I love, which includes making positive connections and spreading love, kindness and hope. These are the things that fulfill me. And believe me, each of them requires sacrifice and discipline.

I do love my life.


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