Hello Sunday

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today’s Hello Sunday is dedicated to my second mom, my bonus mom, Jewelstine. Today’s her birthday!

Here’s our story:

We met when I was only a few weeks old. She was my first babysitter, first Girl Scout troop leader, and my first employer (let’s just say I was her little teacher’s assistant). She took me to my first movie (E.T.), my first theme park (Libertyland), roller skating rink (Rollerworld) and softball game (she was a softball coach for decades). She also gave birth to two of the kindest, giving, compassionate and hardworking people I know – my siblings – the late Alton Sutton, Jr. and my sunshine (which is what my sister calls me), Kisha. If I had to choose a bonus mom for my children, without hesitation, she would be it. She loves unconditionally and gives selflessly. I am so blessed to have her in my life and absolutely honored to call her Momma.

Happy Birthday Momma! Wishing you as much love as you give as well as many, many blessings. Love you always!


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