Hello Sunday

Yes, I am beyond blessed.

Today I have decided not to focus on what is going on around me. Instead, I am focusing on good memories and positive experiences. Yes, today I am blocking all negative vibes.

Here is an excerpt from a journal entry that was written the day my ex-husband finally moved out of the house. I guess you can say that was the official beginning of the 4+ years of the separation/divorce process. Seems like an entire weight was lifted off our family that day. Yes… that was a good day, a very good day.

Journal Entry: March 26, 2015

“One last thing. Ki and KeShawn got my back if no one else does. Ki keeps me encouraged. It’s nice to have someone to bounce professional goals off of especially when we both have so many. Just talking to her makes me want to do more. Last night when I got in, KeShawn said I woke him up out of a good dream. He said that he was at a restaurant eating coconut shrimp, crabmeat sautéed in butter, lobster, and rice surrounded with eggs and bacon on top. He said he had a tuxedo on and me and Ki had on long pretty dresses. I told him that that sounded great. I want him to dream. I want them to dream. I’m so happy my dreams are in full force again. This time I won’t let them go. I can’t let them go. I saw one more post last night by Joel Osteen- “It’s not over. You’ve got to get in agreement with God. Start dreaming again. Start expecting again.” Hallelujah!!”

Can’t believe that was eight years ago. Forever grateful I am on the other side of that craziness! At times I did not think I would make it, but I did. God is so good.

Well, that’s all I have for y’all today. It just started raining and I need to get ready to get on the road. I’m going to see my mom today. She’s back in ICU. We (myself and my sisters) did get to video chat with her last night before she was transferred. I can’t wait to see her and love on her a little more.♥️

Also, I am heading to see my dad afterwards. I have an event to attend tomorrow afternoon and his house is at the halfway mark between my home and the event’s location. So I get to love on him and my stepmom this evening.

As always, thank you so much for reading. Also, thank y’all sooo much for your kind words and prayers. I really do appreciate you. Please have a wonderful day and enjoy your week!🙏🏽♥️



Remember the Good Times

Much too often we remember hurts and disappointments before we remember the good. Today, I encourage you to focus on the good times. The moments that made you smile and feel loved. Have a wonderful day.♥️ ~ Shaun


December 12th

After doing a Christmas light tour in New Orleans City Park – which had me feeling like Princess Tiana – and watching Volume One of Harry and Meghan on Netflix this weekend; then, reading last year’s blog, I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy. Y’all, I’m actually ready to try this love thing again. I’m ready to have my dreams come to fruition.

Most of my childhood I heard I needed to get my head out of the clouds. That what I wanted wasn’t possible, wasn’t real (still hear the same thing today). I was 18 years old when my belief took its first hit. Yes, at 18 I still believed I could have whatever I dreamed. NO ONE could convince me otherwise. Then, with every hit afterwards – disappointment in myself, heartbreak, mistake – the less I believed.

Y’all, I needed to see this blog today. I needed to be reminded that my dreams do matter. Yesterday, Pastor Michael Phillips said whatever we had given up on was still possible. And I believe him. All of my dreams are still possible!

The statement that I refer to from December 12, 2014 (blog below) makes me smile. No one was going to rescue Shaun but Shaun. Looking back, I needed to go through the entire experience alone. Believe me, I didn’t want to, but I had to. It was the only way I could find my way back to me, which is who I began searching for eight years ago (story for another time). This time I know what I want and I know that I don’t have to settle – not just with love but with all aspects of my life. Smiling

December 12, 2021Written after reading Will Smith’s memoir, WILL.

There is no way I can go into another relationship broken. I must realize there is no knight in shining armor to rescue me from myself.


Hello Sunday December 12, 2021

Last year’s blog is sooo worth the read: Hello Sunday December 12, 2021.



Wednesday Writings: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Tyler Perry’s Sistas

Hello. Hello. Helloooo!!!

Guess what?! Today marks the 100th episode of Tyler Perry’s Sistas!! Yessss!! Three years. Five seasons. 100 episodes! Pretty awesome, right?!

Y’all, I’m so happy for the cast. They have worked their butts off over the past three years. Honestly, I have never seen a cast that has been more engaged than this one. Their enthusiasm and appreciation for everything they have gained over the past three years is so authentic. And y’all, their love for their fans is unmatched! They LOVE their fans!!

Listen, I don’t care what anyone says about Tyler Perry’s extremely rare work ethicsno other bears gifts– intangible gifts – like he does. Baby, not only does he create great shows that keep us talking for days, months and years, he also creates families. Yes, families! As past cast members have said, by the time they finish filming they are so much more than colleagues, they are family. Y’all, that’s why I can’t stop supporting this man. He gets it. He gets the bigger picture! He knows how to bring people together. That’s a gift – a beautiful gift – and I love it!♥️

Anyhoo… got to stay on point. Laughing

Y’all, last night I was having all kinds of proud momma moments for the ladies and they aren’t even my babies. I couldn’t stop looking at their Instagram stories. The 100th episode celebration that they were given was EPIC! I could not stop watching. I loved seeing their smiles. So genuine. So appreciative. Listen, I remember where they were three years ago, and I see where they are now. Y’all, God’s work is amazing!

So, last year I gave up tweeting during the shows. Yeah.. I felt old trying to hang with the younger tweeters. Now, I’m chatting in our We Are Sistas Facebook group, which is more my speed, and I love it! However, yesterday, after seeing all of the excitement, I thought about tweeting again, just one more time, to help them celebrate. We shall see what happens. Smiling

Well, that’s all I have for you this Wednesday! Hope you have a spectacular day!!


Throwback from when it all began. So much has changed!

Another gift! Love this group. Oops: Not sure who to give photo credit to.

Wednesday Writings


Grateful for the connections I’ve made over my lifetime. Some connections have been brief, while others have been lifelong. The older I become, the more I cherish these connections and the time I get to spend with everyone.

Today, the world lost a wonderful man. He was a father, grandfather, brother, uncle, husband and friend. He was loud, opinionated, always cracking jokes and loved by so many. He will be missed. RIP Daddy E.

Today is also my sister’s 48th birthday. Wish I could be with her.

Yes, y’all. Life and time passes by so fast. Cherish the time you have with others, especially the ones you consider dear.