My Baby Boy is 18!

I have an 18 year old!!!

Midnight celebration! His sister surprised him with balloons at midnight. Yes, he’s loved!

Y’all, that time between birth and adulthood passed too quickly. Blinked one time and my infant son was a toddler. On the second blink, he was a preschooler. The next few blinks I barely remember – first day of elementary school, middle school, then high school. In a few months, graduation. Not even sure what will happen when I blink next.

Honestly, it has been an honor watching him grow into the young adult he is today. I am truly grateful God chose me to be his mother. Praying that his adulthood is filled with many blessings and much success. Also praying God gives me wisdom to properly guide and assist him through his next phase of life.

Two adult children – what will the next phase of my life look like?


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