Facebook Memory: September 18, 2017

Found this post among my Facebook memories on my other Facebook account (yes, I have two- Lol). This week has been pretty busy and stressful. I am not going to lie, I have been second guessing some of the projects I have taken on because once again, I am doing more on those projects than my own. Making money and making waves definitely comes with a cost. A cost I called myself walking away from in April. A cost I am no longer willing to pay.

Then a few minutes ago, I came across this post from September 2017. It reminded me that I have to make time to enjoy life and live. No one else is going to do it for me. Which means I have to set boundaries and stick to them.

When I wrote this particular post, I was referring to my personal freedom. Today I am referring to my professional freedom. I have to LIVE!

Facebook memory: September 18, 2017

Decided to share this morning. I’m a happy person. It takes a lot to really get me down. Sometimes my happiness comes off as being a little immature. The smallest things make me giddy. I truly enjoy life. Over the past few years, I’ve made a conscience effort to enjoy LIFE.

I’m the oldest of six. I have been responsible for someone since I was about two years old. I never really enjoyed my childhood. I was a child-adult. Lol. I was always so serious. I had to be. I’m actually happy I learned to be serious because I use it when I need to. Sometimes it’s the only side people see- the serious and strong side. What people don’t realize is, I was miserable. I wanted to be a kid, but I had too many responsibilities. I can’t lie, I did enjoy bossing people around. However, the weight of being that person wore me down. I never just enjoyed life. I was always worried about something.

Well, now I feel free. I’ve never felt so FREE! A few years ago, I decided to LIVE! I decided to make an effort to be happy. It wasn’t easy at first. Sometimes I wanted to feel down. For some reason, feeling down felt so good. But it was draining. I purposely decided to follow inspirational people. I surrounded myself with friends who wouldn’t allow me to be negative. I tried to cut every negative thing out of my life. “Positive Vibes Only” was my motto. I’m so grateful to God for allowing me to LIVE. So, if you see me acting a little over the top, it’s so genuine. I LOVE LIFE.

Be Blessed

Thanks for reading!


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