Hello Sunday

Happy Sunday! Today’s blog is short and to the point. I have been reciting this one Bible verse since I woke up this morning so I decided to share it with you.

Psalm 34:1 KJV

I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Have a blessed week!



Hello Sunday

Today’s blog is composed of two Facebook posts from June 6, 2019. When I first began sharing my Facebook memories and excerpts from journal entries, I felt like a lazy blogger. Then it finally dawned on me that I’ve already put in the work on the backend so why not share them.

The first post is Be Ready, and the second, Forever A Princess.

Be Ready

If you’re like me, you ask God for things praying they come to pass. However, after facing numerous setbacks you begin doubting things will ever work out in your favor. But in the back of your mind you know God is ALWAYS working behind the scenes. You’ve actually witnessed His work through others’ blessings. You don’t hate. You rejoice with them and tell yourself, “One day that will be me.” Well, while you’re watching and waiting, are you preparing? If not, you better be because when God starts moving, He moves fast! #BeReady

Forever A Princess

Happy Thursday! Here’s today’s social media find. As I celebrate my 46th birthday month, I’m still trying to figure out what I truly want to do in life. I just can’t see myself doing the same exact thing for the rest of my life.

Although my life is forever evolving, the kind of woman I’ve always wanted to be hasn’t changed. I am the woman I envisioned as a little girl– strong, loving, compassionate, empathetic, passionate, spontaneous yet cautious, adventurous, love challenges… The list goes on and on. Honestly, I love who I am. I know 5 year old Shaun would be proud of her 45 year old self. Yeah, she would love me!

Oh, and I’m still a princess even though everyone around me believes I should refer to myself as a queen.🙄 No… I’m a princess.

Hope you enjoyed my memories. They always make me smile. Wishing you a wonderful week. Stay safe and be blessed.




Speak life and believe. Every day. All day.

Yesterday I had decided I was going to blog about balance, balance and peace. However, this morning it was laid on my heart to blog about the importance of speaking life over our lives and the power of belief. I know it sounds like I’m about to preach a sermon but I promise you I’m not. This will be short– very short.

So this morning I woke up with Donald Lawrence’s song “I Speak Life” playing over and over in my head. Even though I kept hearing it, I still had plans of writing about balance. Well, that was until I read my journal entry from six years ago– May 26, 2015. That entry was the confirmation I needed to proceed in this direction. My guess is that this blog must be written, if not for someone else, for me for whenever I need it. Because more than likely, I’ll need to read it again. You know, that’s just how God works. His messages are always available when we need them. Anyhoo.. testimony time.

My Testimony:

It had been exactly two months to the day that I had been separated from my ex. Although my life seemed pathetic, I was happy. Y’all, I was back to driving my little, raggedy Dodge Neon– which was falling apart but was drivable and reliable. I was also about to lose my house and eventually did. With all of that going on, I woke up that morning not knowing if I would be employed a few months later. One of the grants I was working on was wrapping up, and the other didn’t have enough funds to pay my entire salary. However, there was an instructor’s position open. Although I had never considered teaching, I applied for the position. I applied for it with the request that I was allowed to continue to do research. The department chair at that time informed me that all of the other instructors only taught courses and they needed a full-time instructor. Instead of worrying about it, knowing I really needed the job and should’ve taken what was offered, I gave it to God and confidently told a friend, “God’s got me.” Listen, I spoke and believed God had me covered. I wrote about how I went about my day basically praising God all day. Everyone who knows me knows I’m always full of praise. Y’all God really is that good! Listen, by that evening God had worked everything out. I received an email from the Chair saying they had found a way for me to teach 50% of the time and do research the other 50. Whew!! When I tell you there’s power in speaking and believing! If it does not happen, it’s not that your belief is not strong, it just means God has other plans. And believe me, His plans are always better.

That testimony was only one of many. Whenever I find myself wanting to speak something negative, God blocks it. I’m constantly reminded, and I remind others, that words have power. Whether you speaking them over your life or about others, they’re powerful; and once they are said, you cannot take them back. Motivational speaker Les Brown said that even the smallest amount of doubt spoken can change the flow of God’s blessings (paraphrased). So remember to speak life and only speak life, and don’t forget to believe.

Be Blessed,




Last Wednesday I was wondering what I would call my Wednesday blogs and finally decided to keep it simple, Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll actually have something to blog about on Wednesdays.

Anyhoo.. this Wednesday’s blog is another Facebook memory. This one is from a year ago, April 14, 2020. Last year around this time, I was contemplating resigning but was too afraid. Well, here I am a year later living unafraid. God is good.

Last year I posted a list of most common regrets. Not sure who wrote them, but they really resonated with me. Here’s the list:

  • Too much time spent stressing and worrying.
  • Caring too much about others opinions.
  • Not taking risks that might result in a grand reward.
  • Too little time with loved ones.
  • Too much living life to please others.
  • Not enough living in the present moment.
  • Not letting go of past anger and resentment.
  • Not enough play, laughter, joy, or happiness.
  • Too little time expressing genuine emotions.
  • “Not saying how I really feel.”
  • “Not following my heart.”

Here’s the caption I wrote:

“My goal is to live life without regrets. At least not focus on missed opportunities, or as I always say, what should’ve or could’ve happened. The quickest way to become down and depressed is to constantly think about how things could’ve been if only you had made other decisions. Starting today, let’s begin again – living without regrets.”

Today, I can happily say I’m living without regrets. Again, God is so good. Y’all already know I’m tearing up. Honestly, I never imagined I could feel like this. Last year on my birthday, my wish was to always feel like I felt that day– loved and carefree. Y’all, I’m living it! I’m blessed.

I pray that you have a wonderful Wednesday. See you on Sunday!



Hello Sunday

Today’s Hello Sunday is based on a random thought. Have you ever felt the need to explain your decisions or beliefs to others without being prompted? Not sure why I asked because I already know you have. All of us have. Like when you tell someone you can’t do something you follow it with “because xyz.” Or you make a decision (good or bad) and feel compelled to provide more details “I’ve decided to do this because xyz.” Or you explain why you like or dislike something without being prompted– “Girl, I like/dislike xyz because…” Y’all, do we really need to explain ourselves? Are we doing it so that we’re perceived favorably, or so others feel more comfortable with what we do or say?

For me, it’s a little bit of both. When it’s something that directly affects other people, I often feel the need to provide more details because I want them to know there was thought behind my decision(s). On the other hand, I also find myself further explaining my own decisions to include my likes and dislikes, which only affect me. Umm… but why?

Y’all, I just had an “AHA” moment!

It’s the fear of being judged. That’s it! It’s that– “What are their thoughts of me now?” “Do they think I’m considerate or inconsiderate?” “Do they think I’m focused or weird?” I guess, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how many details you or I provide, it’s about how the other person perceives or interprets the message. Period.

Well, problem solved! Only provide more information at your discretion, not because you feel you must.

Me unnecessarily providing more information after I’ve just written not to do so. UGH!! It’s after 5:00 a.m. my time and I’m so sleepy. You see, I fell asleep around 8:00 p.m. last night and woke up a little after midnight. So, I’m going to publish this blog and go to sleep. As always, thanks for reading my ramblings.

My life…

Enjoy your Sunday!