Hello Sunday

Happy Sunday!

Hope all is well with you and your families. Today is my 197th day of consecutive blogging. Not really sure how I feel about nearing the end of my goal of 200 days. Part of me wants to call it quits after 200, while the other part wants to set a new goal. Starting over at Day One just seems so discouraging. However, trying to maintain this pace is a bit stressful. I could easily schedule my posts ahead of time, but I like publishing fresh thoughts. Maybe it is best not to make a decision at all and take it one day at a time. We shall see what I happens after Wednesday, which will be Day 200.

As always, thank you so much for viewing my stories and reading my blogs. I truly appreciate it. Wishing you a blessed day and wonderful week. Please take care of yourself.


4 thoughts on “Hello Sunday”

  1. My blogging is dependent on the scheduling feature. Most of my week is jam packed, but I try to find some time on a daily basis to read the posts of other bloggers (I can never read all of the posts in my Reader, so I tend to only pick one or two from bloggers who publish ten a day). But sometimes on a Tuesday evening I have time to myself and I schedule as many posts on my own blog as I can for the week ahead.

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    1. I actually used the scheduler for today’s (Monday) story. I am constantly writing so I could easily schedule my blogs or stories, but I don’t. I have tried writing days ahead of time; however, when publishing day comes, I have already thought of other topics for my blogs.😩I have so many drafts saved that I should probably revisit. I am pretty certain that I will be using the scheduling feature more often.

      Oh, and I am so bad about reading blogs from other bloggers. It may be days before I get around to it. I try to set aside time on Saturday or Sunday morning to catch up.😊

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