Celebrating 200 Days

Congratulations Shaun!

DAY 200

I made it! So why does it feel like any other day? Hilarious!

I’m not sure what I expected. Did I expect to wake up to music playing, balloons floating, lights flashing and confetti falling? Y’all, I’m actually laughing. Honestly, what did I expect?

This is my life. I build myself up for something I consider a major event. I think about it for weeks. I anticipate what will happen and how I will react and then… NOTHING. It is just another day, another event.

So what fuels me? What keeps Shaun going?

It appears to be the anticipation of something wonderful possibly happening once a goal is met. However, often.. much too often.. that never happens. So, what do I do? I continue on. I set another goal. I think about it daily. And I allow my imagination to run wild while anticipating a grand finale hoping that one day I will wake up to music playing, balloons floating, lights flashing and confetti falling. Yep.. that’s me!

I love my life. I would not want to live it any other way. Wanna know why? It’s because I know that one day it will happen. I know it will! Listen, I am just as sure of it as I was when I was a little girl dreaming of marrying Michael Jackson. No one could tell me otherwise. Smiling

Thanks for reading and please enjoy your day. See you tomorrow!


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