Social Media Withdrawal Symptoms

When I tell you social media withdrawal symptoms are real. Seems like the closer it gets to the premiere of Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 4, the more anxious I am becoming. Since the show’s debut, I have been in the mix – tweeting, promoting, participating – always involved. Then sometime last year things changed. I started feeling like I no longer fit in that space. Like it was time for me to move on. Honestly, it was probably past time. For over 8 years, that one particular account basically consumed my life so much so that I couldn’t function without tweeting, retweeting and commenting a few times an hour. I just had to be engaged.

Well, last month I made the decision to log off for good. So far I’ve been logged off for almost a month. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without live tweeting during my favorite shows. I have found a replacement, group chatting on Facebook, but it’s not the same. Twitter is so much more interactive. So much is planned for tonight’s premiere – several Instagram LIVEs happening, chats with the cast in Twitter Spaces, tweets, posts, discussions, watch parties, etc. – and I feel left out. I’m trying to be okay with making this my new normal, but I’m feeling pretty sad. In the blog I posted earlier, I said today was going to be a fabulous day, and I meant it. Overall today’s been pretty great. I just have to make it over this hump and the next one until I no longer miss it. I guess this is what they call growing pains.


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