Hello Sunday


Trust the timing of your life.
Trust your intuition.
Trust your journey.
– Author Unkown

I saw this quote on Facebook this morning. It reminded me of my life and my journey.

Trust the timing of your life…

Around the end of August I was invited to write a chapter in a book anthology. I said yes before I could talk myself out of it. I knew if I thought about it, even for a second, I would have said no. This year I promised myself that when opportunities presented themselves, opportunities that I knew I was capable of but afraid of doing, I would do them. I guess you can say I am finally seizing opportunities. Carpe diem!

Trust your intuition…

If it does not feel right, I am not going to do it. Period! My chapter is about my marriage and divorce. So far I have written several versions of the story. Some are more detailed than others. Right now, I am not sure which one to submit. Although it is my story, it also involves my ex-husband. I do not care how our relationship ended, and this is with any relationship, I refuse to publicly humiliate a person. We all have flaws and issues. Umm… Just thinking… this is probably the reason it took me over four years to get a divorce. I refused to be ugly. Ugh! Okay… enough about this.

Trust your journey…

Going with the flow and allowing God to lead. As we all have seen with 2020, life is so unpredictable. No matter what comes or goes, I must always remember that I am in God’s hands, and He is always in control. Whatever He has planned for my future is meant for my good. I will always be victorious!

Well, that’s all I have. Wishing you a fabulous Sunday! Remember to trust the timing of your life, trust your intuition, and trust your journey. God’s got you!

Be Blessed


7 thoughts on “Hello Sunday”

  1. Reading this, sounded like you foreknew what Pastor Joel Tudman was going to preach today… #ItsInMyHands. I’m sure that you will write a wonderful chapter for the book and it will be a must read!!

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  2. I can relate to so much of this! It’s even harder now having memory issues and a brain injury but I have to remind myself daily to tell my story without speaking to much of Someone else’s and respecting their privacy even if it’s my story. When I write blogs, sometimes I have the person I’m mentioning read it and tell me if it’s ok and respectful and doesn’t say to much. I started writing my book and a lot will have stuff from my first marriage. But I’m just writing right now and when I am done and reread I might have a trusted friend who knows us both read it to tell me what I might have overstepped. Especially being a compartment and on good terms I don’t want to do anything damaging or hurtful.

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    1. I might have someone read mine too before I send it to the editor. I have a panel interview soon about the book. I have rehearsed what I am going to say but once I start talking, especially if I come emotional, there’s no telling what might come out. Hopefully I stick with my script.

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      1. I have my current husband read stuff about my ex husband as he knows him well and his style and what he might not want the world to know as we try to be respectful and not step on toes and he knows his privacy level. I have a good friend who I trust that reads anything too I ask her too, she’s level headed and never steals me wrong:) I am so with you, if I stick to a script it’s safe otherwise who knows what can happen in the moment 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

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