Wednesday Writings

Found this quote in a journal entry. Not sure of the context but it must have stood out for me to write it down.

Suddenly is an accumulation of events that happened while you were waiting.

Pastor Joel Osteen

Over the past week or so, I have found lists of goals in random places – journal entries, saved notes, and scribbled on pieces of paper. Every time I find one, I am always amazed at how many goals I have actually achieved without ever revisiting the lists. Honestly, I am not sure how things happen without me actively pursuing them, but somehow they do. Which leads me back to Pastor Osteen’s quote. Suddenly really isn’t something that happens randomly, but an accumulation of events that were set in motion once written down.

Yesterday, I found another list and added updates. Then I made a new list. Can’t wait to revisit it in the future!

Y’all, I hope this all made sense. I really need to stop writing so early in the morning. Especially when I am half asleep. Ugh! I’m on day 137 of continuous blogging and it is also Wednesday, so I had to write. (Smile)

Enjoy your day!


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