Wednesday Writings

Found this quote in a journal entry. Not sure of the context but it must have stood out for me to write it down.

Suddenly is an accumulation of events that happened while you were waiting.

Pastor Joel Osteen

Over the past week or so, I have found lists of goals in random places – journal entries, saved notes, and scribbled on pieces of paper. Every time I find one, I am always amazed at how many goals I have actually achieved without ever revisiting the lists. Honestly, I am not sure how things happen without me actively pursuing them, but somehow they do. Which leads me back to Pastor Osteen’s quote. Suddenly really isn’t something that happens randomly, but an accumulation of events that were set in motion once written down.

Yesterday, I found another list and added updates. Then I made a new list. Can’t wait to revisit it in the future!

Y’all, I hope this all made sense. I really need to stop writing so early in the morning. Especially when I am half asleep. Ugh! I’m on day 137 of continuous blogging and it is also Wednesday, so I had to write. (Smile)

Enjoy your day!



Wednesday Writings

Facebook memory: September 22, 2019

Good Morning! It’s September 22, 2019. No social media find today, only my thoughts. This weathered, folded note is a journal entry I wrote on September 22, 2014. I call it my “purse note.” I have kept this one, and a few others that I’ve added over time, in my purse for years. I actually read them quite often to make sure I’m on track, especially when I become discouraged.

This morning I just want to say, don’t give up. Don’t settle. No matter how things look, hold on. Because, what’s for you, is already yours. Remember that God’s blessings are better than life! I love y’all.

Honestly, I have not read my notes in a while. Started with one note that I was supposed to read daily. Now I have several ranging from 2014 – 2021. They keep me motivated and encouraged. They remind me that no matter how things appear, I am still on track.

The other day, while reading journal entries from the late 90s, I came across a list of goals I had forgotten I had written. After reading them, I was surprised to see that my goals really haven’t changed much. What I desired to achieve then, I still desire to achieve today. Overall, nothing has changed.

So here is what’s in the photo – a copy of my first “purse note” from September 22, 2014 and my goals from March 30, 1997 (both unedited).

Goals. Dreams. Motivation.

Well, as you can see, I keep and document just about everything. From personal stories to current events, I have them documented somewhere in my journals. Whenever I come across an entry where I have documented major events from someone’s life – births, marriages, etc. – I screenshot the passage and send it to them. They seem to love it.

I love my life.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.



Hello Sunday

Hello Everyone! Hope this blog finds you well. Thought I would open today’s blog with a proper greeting because you deserved to be greeted properly. Now, I am not going to promise this will happen often, however, it is happening today. Smile

For those of you who have been reading my blogs for a while, you know I constantly reference two things – trusting God and fulfilling my purpose. You would think by now I would have trusting God mastered. Well, to be completely honest, I don’t. I mean, my trust is getting stronger over time; however, I do slip up from time to time and try to do things on my own. This does not mean I do not have faith that God will do what He’s said. It means sometimes I think He could use a little help with hurrying things along. Now, I know I cannot be the only one who does this. Anyhoo.. today I would like to share a Facebook memory from 2018. The “social media” find I am referring to in my post is the following quote from Bruce Van Horn.

Focus more on WHY you want your dreams to come true rather than how to make them come true. The “HOWS” happen in miraculous ways!

Bruce Van Horn

Facebook Memory: August 8, 2018

Today’s social media find. I’ve found this to be true. The more I focus on why I want my dreams to come true, the more things fall into place. When I focus on the “hows,” I tend to worry and become anxious. I’m learning more and more to let go and let God handle the “hows.”

Two Questions: Why do you want your dreams to come true? What’s your purpose?

As I mentioned earlier, I am getting better with trusting God – that is, completely trusting God to handle everything, or the “HOWS”. The newest task that has been added to this journey is expectation. Basically, expecting to receive God’s blessings (during the how moments) while staying focused on my dream, or my purpose. Yeah.. it’s pretty complicated. My problem has been going from trust to expectation without becoming anxious because I do not see anything happening. I know it’s going to happen because He said it would. But.. WHEN?! HOW?! Now, THAT is a discussion for another blog! Lol. One day I will share my testimonies. Believe me, there are many. Y’all, God is constantly blowing my mind! Smile

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Have a blessed week!