Being transparent does not mean sharing everything.

As many of you know, I am a big proponent for transparency. I believe that the more transparent a person is, the more human they are. I have always believed that people need to see the struggle or thought process behind the success in order to believe it for themselves. Well, that’s what I believed up until a couple of hours ago. Now, I’m not so sure if that is true.

Here is what just happened to me (yep.. another transparent moment). Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about a venture. She suggested that I pursue something I had done in the past but not really interested in doing now. We discussed it for a while and I was like, nah, the timing isn’t right. Fast forward to two hours ago when I came across a Facebook memory from 2017 of me actually doing exactly what my friend and I had discussed. Y’all already know I’m emotional so the first thing I wanted to do was share the news with everyone. I wanted to tell everyone that that was where God was leading me. I wanted to share that that particular memory was the confirmation I needed. God instructed my to only tell my friend, the one who I discussed it with. Instead I shared it on Facebook. Immediately I felt convicted. I knew I was not supposed to share it with everyone. You want to know how I knew? Not even 30 minutes before, on another account, I saw this message and saved it.

Yep.. So I went back and made the post private. I did not delete it because it is still confirmation but also a reminder to be obedient. Allowing God to lead sometimes means I cannot be as transparent as I would like to be, and keeping moves to myself does not make me any less human.

I’m learning.


3 thoughts on “Transparency”

  1. I too and a totally transparent one. I too am learning to keep more private and learning even though I want to be transparent that just being transparent to one close person is good because of so much hassle being transparent has caused with how others take that which is so not on me but also so not worth my time and energy. Hence why I have no social media besides my blog!

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    1. I hear you, Jessy. I’m learning.😉 I do miss you on IG but I completely understand the need to separate yourself from social media. I’m surprised I haven’t logged off again. I believe it’s because I’m finally figuring out who’s actually in my corner and who’s not. Now, I only concentrate on those who support me. Thank you for being you and always providing insight and encouragement.💕 Enjoy your weekend!

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      1. Could not agree more with the figuring out who’s in your corner hence why it’s gone for me when my “best” friends only talk to me now by liking a story of sending an IG message:(

        Keep being you and learning through all this stuff in life. Have a great weekend.

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