Wednesday Writings

Writing my story.

Last week I experienced another major life shift. Unlike nine years ago, I felt the shift and didn’t panic. I felt it and actually smiled.

You see, when I turned 40, my life began to change. Actually.. it began to unravel. I can even tell you when the shift happened. It was on my 40th birthday. I was disappointed because my birthday was not what I had always imagined– wasn’t even close. I know it sounds shallow but it was a big deal, a very big deal. Honestly, I tried to convince myself that I could live with the disappointment, but I couldn’t. All I could think about was a life of being asked to be content with disappointments. This prompted me to ask myself, “Shaun, where do you see yourself in ten years?”. I also asked my ex the same. Well.. guess what?! We are both exactly where we said we saw ourselves being. Hmm… life is interesting.

I didn’t see it then, but I see it now, that was when my marriage actually ended.

So that was a major shift.

Well, last week, after returning home, I felt another shift. I thought I was returning home to the babies I had left. Yeah.. I know, they are not babies but they will always be my babies. Anyhoo.. I returned home to two young adults. Adults who had been doing their own thing while I was gone. I’m not going to lie, it took me a minute to adjust to the change, but only a minute. When I finally accepted that things had changed, I was like, “I like this.”

Listen, I’m smiling as I write because I spent the last year wondering how I would survive being an empty nester. Wondering what life would be like with only myself to care for. Well, I can happily and confidently say, I’m gonna be alright. I’m so looking forward to this next chapter.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you a wonderful day.



Priceless Treasures

Some treasures cannot be bought. Treasures like– memories made with loved ones; saved letters, notes, or texts; or pictures that continue to warm your heart or make you smile every time you see them. Yes, these treasures cannot be bought.♥️ ~ Shaun


Expect Great Things

How are you waiting? With or without expectation? You know, “Whatever happens, happens,” OR “I’m expecting exceedingly abundantly above all that I ask or think.”

Me. I’m doing the latter. I’m EXPECTING great things to happen!💃🏽♥️

Today’s 8/8. New day. New week. New beginnings.🌸


Hello Sunday

Happy Sunday!

I have been back home almost a week, now. Got back last Monday. Umm.. I’m not really sure what I will write about today. So much happened last week that I truly don’t know where to begin. I guess it could be the side effects of this sinus/allergy medicine that’s causing the brain fog. Y’all, it basically knocks me out for two days (and it’s only Claritin). I was completely fine the two months I was gone. Then, the day I made it home I began to feel the sinus pressure. Yesterday I just had to take something. The Claritin will have me loopy for a while but once I get through this, I’ll be good to go!

Anyhoo.. I planned on writing more but I guess I’ll stop here because ain’t no telling what I’ll start writing about. However, before I end, I wanted to add that my son moves into the dorm next week! Y’all, I’m soooo excited for him. This is the beginning of his young adulthood and independence. I’m so proud of him.

Well, take care! Will write more on Wednesday. Enjoy your week.



Destined for Greatness

You may have to endure a few twists and turns, ups, downs and failures before you experience true success. The key is to continue pressing forward. Believe me, NOTHING can stop God’s plan for your life. You are destined for greatness! ~ Shaun