Mother’s Day Weekend

Here’s a recap of my Mother’s Day weekend:

Saturday, I spent the day with one of my sisters in Mobile. We had a late lunch at Roosters in downtown Mobile. Y’all the food was so delicious that I ate EVERYTHING on my plate. I typically have to take the rest home. If you’re ever in Mobile, you have to go there!

Then yesterday, Mother’s Day, I spontaneously decided to do my own photo shoot. I put on a dress I had never worn, threw on some make up, grabbed my ring light stand and took photos from my backyard. Had so much fun!

I dedicated this photo shoot to my late Aunt Deloris who passed last fall. She loved jewelry and would always tell me, “You need something around your neck; keep a pair of bobbles (earrings) on; and put some rings on (she wore them on every finger. Lol).” So I swapped my gold hoops for dangly earrings; added this outrageous necklace (was thinking of her when I bought it); and put on a gold bangle.

Funny Story: I NEVER do my brows and for some reason decided I needed some. Well, every time I messed up, I heard “Undo” or “Redo.” Y’all, I’ve been drawing too much! Had to tell myself, “Sweetie, you can’t undo, you have to start over.”🤦🏽‍♀️😂

The rest of my day was quite busy. After my photo shoot, I had to drive an hour and a half away to pick up my son from his cousin’s house. On my way home, I decided to visit another sister and got to love on my nieces and nephews.

My newest niece, Danae.

Before I left home to pick up my son, my daughter asked what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day and I told her I just wanted go out and eat as if it were any other day. Nothing big. Just a quiet meal with my favorite two.😊 Pictures from Keg & Barrel West Hattiesburg.

Well, that’s how I spent my weekend. Hope yours was just as pleasant. Have a wonderful week!


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