Hello Sunday

Asking for prayers.

This morning, I can say that I’m feeling much better physically than I was yesterday. However, mentally and emotionally, I’m about the same. So, here’s some of what’s going on.

Early yesterday morning, my mom was taken to the ER for being unresponsive. My brother, who lives with her, couldn’t wake her up or feel a pulse. Long story short- She’s now in ICU.

She’s still with us but remains unresponsive. She’s also on a ventilator and sedated. Everyone on her medical team keeps stressing that she’s, “very, very sick.” “Your mother is very, very sick.” Of course they told us what was wrong; however, it’s the way they’re all stressing the severity of what’s happening is what has made this ER visit and ICU stay different from the others.

For those who don’t know, my mom has paraplegia. She hasn’t been able to feel anything from her waist down since 1998. Well, over the years, she’s developed many more complications, and these last four years (2018 – now) have been the worse. She has had so many ER visits and hospital stays since then. Fortunately, things calmed down a bit during the height of the COVID pandemic. She did become very ill a few times but the doctors treated her at home.

Now, here we are. Unlike times before when I only contacted immediate family, or a few of her siblings, this time I have contacted her friends and extended family. As I said before, this time feels different.

My prayers have been whatever’s in God’s will, let it be; and let us, her children, be prepared to handle whatever comes – good or bad. Even though my mom is paralyzed, she’s always been independent and strong willed. So some of the decisions we may have to make are going to be very difficult.

At this moment I’m just praying she’s at peace and not in any pain. One of her biggest fears is being in a predicament like this and not being able to tell anyone she’s in pain or uncomfortable. So I’m praying that she’s completely comfortable. Also, praying that we get to see her smile and hear her laugh again, soon.

We love you, Momma.🙏🏽♥️

Please keep our mom and family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.


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