Another Random Rambling

Haven’t rambled in a while…

Last night was the first time in a while that I watched The Potter’s House Wednesday Night Bible Study, live. Usually, I catch it a day or so later. Last night’s message was Torn Between the Two. Bishop T. D. Jakes referenced putting new wine in old wineskins. (Mark 2:22) Basically, holding on to something old, while God is trying to do something new; attempting to mix the two (new with old) for fear of losing the old. In other words, losing what had already been established.

Last night, I knew the message was for me; however, I didn’t fully accept it. Didn’t want to accept it. Shoot.. haven’t wanted to accept it. Believe me, this message isn’t new. God’s been telling me this for some time now. I’m not going to lie, part of me still wanted to hold on to that old skin. I was like, I hear you God, but that’s a lot to just let go. Ha! Years of sweat equity (smiling).

However, this morning when I woke up, my first thought was, “I cannot put new wine in old skins. New skins for new wine.” This morning I got the message. What was had taken me as far as it could. Its capacity to expand had reached its limit. Not throwing it away. As Bishop mentioned last night, that old skin was once new. If you know me, you already know I never throw away memorabilia. I hold on to it forever. It’s part of my heart.

With that said, I can no longer grieve what was and must build on what God is doing. Which is something new. Something that’s way more powerful than before. And if I continue to hold on to the old, I’ll never know where this new thing will take me.


God, I’m ready to build on the new. New wine. New skins. I’m trusting You to lead me and take me to heights unimaginable. Let’s go!!!♥️


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