Hello Sunday

Happy Sunday! Not sure what I will write about today. Y’all, I am finally all blogged out. Listen, I truly commend you who blog or write daily. Whether you do it for a living or just for fun, it is not an easy task. Question – How do you come up with content?

Personally, I can journal all day long. Journaling comes easily because I am only writing for myself, not other readers. Not sure how other writers feel, but I find so much comfort in not having to consider content or grammar. Allowing my thoughts to flow is so freeing. On the other hand, blogging is a task. I always write with the reader in mind. Although the majority of what I write is off the cuff, I still ask myself if it is something someone else would want to read. Thankfully I have old material – past journal entries, Facebook posts, and quotes (mine as well as others) – available for days I just cannot think of anything to write. Believe me, they have certainly come in handy, especially during my current blogging streak. Yes, I’m on blogging streak! I have now been blogging for 142 consecutive days. Honestly, some days I really do not feel like posting anything. Then, I think of how far I have come. Do I really want to go back to square one? Not at all! Once I hit 100 days, I knew I had to continue. I challenged myself to do at least 50 more. Hmmm… wish I was this committed to exercising. Anyhoo.. now that I am almost at 150, my new goal is 200. Yep…200! Fingers crossed.

To my readers, thank you for rolling with me and actually reading my content, whether it has been engaging or not. I really do appreciate it. And to my true bloggers and writers, you ROCK! So much respect for you.

Well, that was all I could muster for today. Guess it would have been easier to share a past Facebook memory or journal entry, but for some reason I actually wanted to write. Why am I so complicated?

As always, thanks for reading.

Enjoy your week!