I Am Where I Am Supposed to Be

Another Facebook memory! This one was shared on December 4, 2016. So much has happened since then. Too often I find myself thinking I should be further along than I am. Then God reminds me that I am exactly where I need to be at this point in time.

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend about how year after year, relationship after relationship, nothing changes. Seems like deja vu. Different situations but same ending. I believe our situations end the same, and we continue repeating the same patterns, because we refuse to accept the lesson. We know what is asked of us. We know the sacrifices we must make. Yet, we ignore the signs because we do not want to change. As you may know, change is not always comfortable. Especially when our comfort zones are so cozy, or when we are too afraid to rock the boat. I am not going to lie, the fear of losing what I already have with hopes of gaining more is frightening!

One thing I really love about God is His grace. His grace allows us to make mistakes, receive guidance, make adjustments and move forward. Yes, sometimes it takes several tries, but eventually we get there. Which is how I am feeling today. I feel like I am finally making the adjustments needed to move forward. Let’s just say, I understand the assignment!


I am where I am supposed to be at this point in time; however, this is not where I am meant to stay. Lesson learned.