Remember the Good Times

Much too often we remember hurts and disappointments before we remember the good. Today, I encourage you to focus on the good times. The moments that made you smile and feel loved. Have a wonderful day.♥️ ~ Shaun


Sow Good Seeds

When you sow good seeds, you reap good fruit. Note: The fruit you harvest will not look like the seeds you sowed. Just know that if you sow from your heart, without expecting anything in return, your harvest will be great.♥️ ~ Shaun


Happy New Year’s Eve: 2022

Y’all, 2022 was one eventful year! I’m so grateful God was with me every step of the way. So grateful for His guidance, grace and unconditional love.

Each year, instead of a setting a New Year’s resolution, I set a theme for the year. This year’s theme for 2022 was “Unapologetically Me.” I loved and lived up to it. I didn’t set it for others to see, or even notice. It was personal. It was for me to feel and embrace, and I did. Let’s just say it’s how I needed to end this decade of my 40s. Smiling

This coming year I’m entering a new decade of life, my 50s, and want to do things a little differently. Nothing bold. Nothing deep. The energy I’m taking into 2023 is humbleness and gratitude. It’s the energy I would like to have as I usher in the next half of my life. Gotta leave the negative energy on this side of my century. Smiling. Honestly, I’m looking forward to turning 50. God is good.

Okay.. so here is the ultra-condensed, yet very significant version of my accomplishments in 2022:

• I conquered a few fears.
• I found myself again.
• I released control.

I just wanted to add, releasing control was probably the most rewarding. This year, so many things happened that were beyond my control. I had no choice but to give in and go with the flow. Then, there were the things I could control. Well, I found out they weren’t worth the headache or heartache, so I let them go. Y’all, I never knew releasing control could be so freeing. This is a whole-nother level of freedom I never knew existed and I’m loving it!

As I mentioned earlier, I am focusing on humbleness and gratitude in 2023. Not expecting much. Not asking for much. Just grateful for what I already have. If God decides to bless me with more, I will be just as grateful.

Here’s a snippet of how I entered 2022, and how I’m leaving it as I enter 2023.

Wishing all of you much love, peace, happiness and blessings in 2023. May your new year be full of light, laughter and joy. I love y’all!😘



You Are The Perfect Gift

No amount of money will ever bring the love and joy you bring; and no materialistic gift can ever replace your presence. You have spent countless hours searching for the perfect gift not realizing that YOU ARE IT. You are the perfect gift.♥️ ~ Shaun


Positive Thoughts & Vibes

Negativity seems to flow so easily and effortlessly. We don’t have to summon negativity, it just comes. Seems as if it’s always waiting to greet us with open arms, as soon as we open our eyes. Sigh

Today, I encourage you to do what I am doing from this day forward —blocking it! As soon as negativity comes in expecting to be embraced, I am greeting it with positive thoughts— “Today will be a wonderful day! You know why? Because I am going to make it wonderful.” “Life is beautiful.” “I will respond kindly to negative vibes.” “I can do this.” “I am a winner.” “I am a child of God!” “Baby, God’s got me!!” Yesss… shutting it down!

Y’all, we must be intentional about creating positive experiences.♥️ ~Shaun