About Last Night!

Well.. technically this morning – 12:00 AM EST.

Tell Me by JustOneKi

My daughter released her debut single, Tell Me!! Y’all, I am beyond proud and sooo excited of her! I saw the work she put into making it. For those who know her know she is a very private person and hates the limelight, BUT she also loves to sing and perform. Conflicting, right? I believe this single is the icing on the cake of years of dreams. It’s one thing to dream and another to follow through. She did it!!



Hello Sunday!

Today’s Hello Sunday is dedicated to Canadian DJ and music producer, Ryan Shepherd.

Yesterday, as I was checking my Twitter notifications, I noticed that Ryan had liked a few of my Hello Sunday blogs. Usually I don’t click the profiles of people who like my tweets; however, yesterday I was curious because only one or two of my followers actually read my blogs. So I immediately assumed Ryan was a bot. Well, he’s actually a live, breathing human being. Lol. Come to find out we’ve been using the same hashtag, #HelloSunday. Imagine that! Of course my #HelloSunday refers to my blog. However, his refers to his newly released song, “Hello Sunday,” featuring Caitlyn Scarlett. It’s a fun, cheerful tune that makes you wish everyday was Sunday.

Here’s Ryan Shepherd’s HELLO SUNDAY. Enjoy!