Hello Sunday

Today’s Hello Sunday is dedicated to my mother. Still can’t believe she’s gone.

After Momma passed, I found a letter she had written to us, her children. That’s what she had written on the envelope, “Children.” It was sealed with an address label from where she lived decades ago. I did not read it then. Decided to wait and open it when all of us were together. When I tell you I felt like I was in a movie! I had been through her things many, many times before and had not seen the letter until I was about to leave town to go help my siblings make her final arrangements. When I tell you the suspense was killing me!

As soon as our last sister arrived–took her hours to get there–we read the letter. It began with, “If you are reading this letter, it means that the inevitable has happened.” Y’all, we laughed. Only she could make something so serious sound like we were on a crime show.

Well, the letter was very direct. She did not sugarcoat anything. She told us about her life as an adult and her desire to be a great mom. Some things she knew she got right while others she really struggled with because she had us at a very young age. (Note– While she was still coherent, we did tell her that she was a great mom and how much we loved and appreciated everything she had done for us.) One of the things that surprised us was the fact that she had been very ill for a long time. None of us knew this. The reason she had written the letter was because she did not believe she had much longer to live. Now, this was written three years post paraplegia. Listen… I’m here to testify and tell you she lived another 21 years! Y’all, the letter was dated September 18, 2001.

When I tell you God is so good and merciful. There’s nothing like His love and grace. It just goes to show you that we cannot put a time limit on life nor can we give up. We may feel down today and believe this just has to be the end of the road; then, end up living decades more.

Today, I am going to let Dorothy have her final say. Below is a copy of one of her newsletters from The Encourager. I tried to find one from May; however, the closest I could find was from April 2003. While reading it, I could see her in her words written about not being able to walk or see well. That was her. She was describing herself.

Be encouraged. God’s got you!♥️

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a wonderful week!



Hello Sunday

Sometimes we win. Other times we lose.

Sometimes we seize great opportunities. Other times we don’t.


How do you cope – or attempt to cope – when things don’t go as planned? You know, after you have experienced a loss or have been disappointed?

Here’s what I wrote on this date in 2018. It was in response to the following quote — “Things didn’t work out [loss, disappointment, setback] because better things are in the works.”

Facebook Memory: December 18, 2018

Good Morning! We’re two weeks away from 2019!! Can you believe how fast this year passed? It’s crazy! Here’s today’s social media find. I know you may have set goals for this year that didn’t happen. You had it all played out in your mind how this year was going to be “Your Year!” And you feel like it was everything but your year (believe me, I know the feeling). However, from years of experiencing God’s love, mercy and grace, you KNOW better is coming! Things didn’t work out because they weren’t supposed to. Whatever’s coming is going to blow your mind! Y’all know how God loves to show out!!😉💃🏽💃🏽 Here’s the thing, you cannot settle when you’re feeling down. You cannot stop believing because you don’t see anything happening. You must continue to push forward! Y’all, the best God has is on it’s way! Don’t give up!!

I like how I wrote–

“Things didn’t work out because they weren’t supposed to. Whatever’s coming is going to blow your mind!”

Looking back, I am pretty sure I was trying to encourage myself after what I considered a loss or disappointment. Transparent moment: This is one of my ways of coping. It’s how I remain hopeful.

Did it work?

Does it work?


Although we still have two weeks left, I am exiting 2022 knowing that some things did not go as planned because they just were not meant to.


I’m entering 2023 KNOWING (had to make that BOLD because I’m feeling it) better is coming! Amen

Y’all, I am truly thankful for God’s love, mercy and grace. I thank Him for holding me up when I just knew I would fall. I thank Him for holding my heart together when I thought it was shattering. I thank Him for walking with me while I was afraid. I thank Him for encouraging me and restoring my hope, daily. We all know life is not easy. Y’all, I am beyond grateful God is in this thing with me. I’m Blessed

Only two weeks left in 2022! I pray you had an overall amazing year!♥️



Hello Sunday

Today, I would like to recognize and thank one of my angels on earth for always being here for me. Y’all, we have never met in person, but we have been social media friends for about 8 years. Started off tweeting together during Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots (#HAHN 😊). Yep.. those were the good old days. Her name is Deborah.

When I think of light, love, friendship and unwavering support, Deborah comes to mind. She’s one of the lights on social media. Always encouraging. Always kind. Always providing words of wisdom. And she’s hilarious! Lol!

Many of you know I have a gazillion social media accounts! At least four or five on different platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. It’s how I compartmentalize my content. For some reason I can’t wrap my mind around putting everything in one location. It’s bad, y’all! Hopefully, I’ve created my last accounts. Fingers crossed!

Anyhoo.. Got sidetracked.

Y’all, Deborah follows me on almost all of my accounts (maybe not on one or two) on every platform! Every time I create a new account, she follows me. She reads and shares my blogs. She shares my tweets. Always supportive! AND I have to mention, we’re e-church members and June babies – her birthday is exactly a week before mine. I’m so grateful to have met her… you (because I know you’re reading).

Deborah, thank you so much for your love, kindness and support. Thank you for consistently supporting my sporadically, spontaneous ventures. You know I be all over the place, but you stick with me. Thank you for listening when I need to vent. Thank you for not judging me. And, thank you for continuously praying for me. You’re the kind of person and friend I strive to be. Praying God showers you with love, peace and blessings. I truly appreciate you!♥️🌸♥️



Hello Sunday

Last week marked the one year anniversary of LaShaundreaB, LLC. For some reason I didn’t celebrate. Actually, the date snuck up on me and I didn’t have time to celebrate. I was too focused on other things. Well, since every entrepreneur I’ve listened to over the past few years has encouraged celebrating milestones, even the small ones, I may still celebrate. I mean, it really is significant because I didn’t give up. I didn’t breakdown and return to the corporate world. No, I rolled with the punches and made it through. So, yes, a celebration is warranted!

Happy One Year Anniversary, LaShaundreaB, LLC! Shaun, I’m so proud of you. XOXO (Self Love)

By the way, Nutrition with LaShaundreaB will be launching soon!

Sneak peek:

Fun Fact: My mom gifted me the induction cooktop over 10 years ago so that I could do cooking demonstrations. Yesterday was my first time opening it. It wasn’t because I didn’t appreciate it, but never had a need to use it. Well, now I do. It really is all about timing. See, God already knew what I needed long before I knew I would need it. Grateful. Thank you, Momma!♥️