Hello Sunday

Last week marked the one year anniversary of LaShaundreaB, LLC. For some reason I didn’t celebrate. Actually, the date snuck up on me and I didn’t have time to celebrate. I was too focused on other things. Well, since every entrepreneur I’ve listened to over the past few years has encouraged celebrating milestones, even the small ones, I may still celebrate. I mean, it really is significant because I didn’t give up. I didn’t breakdown and return to the corporate world. No, I rolled with the punches and made it through. So, yes, a celebration is warranted!

Happy One Year Anniversary, LaShaundreaB, LLC! Shaun, I’m so proud of you. XOXO (Self Love)

By the way, Nutrition with LaShaundreaB will be launching soon!

Sneak peek:

Fun Fact: My mom gifted me the induction cooktop over 10 years ago so that I could do cooking demonstrations. Yesterday was my first time opening it. It wasn’t because I didn’t appreciate it, but never had a need to use it. Well, now I do. It really is all about timing. See, God already knew what I needed long before I knew I would need it. Grateful. Thank you, Momma!♥️


Hello Sunday Update

As you may have read, I was feeling pretty down a couple of hours ago (Hello Sunday). Well, a couple of things happened afterwards. I was led to watch/listen to the first YouTube video I saw. This happens quite often when I need a message. The first video was a message by Bishop T. D. Jakes, “How to Prepare for a Shift.” It was only eleven minutes long and when I first started listening, I didn’t think it was for me. By the end of the message, I knew that it was. Message: Be quiet and listen. Listen for God’s voice. As soon as I became quiet, I remembered a program I had been thinking about enrolling in for my new venture. Well, after looking into it, I enrolled. I also received a 75% discount! Woohoo!!

Mentally and emotionally I’m still not back to normal, but I do feel so much better. After finally feeling up to journaling, I was led to read last year’s journal entry. Y’all, this is actually how God works in my life. It’s how I make it. Here are the first two sentences of that entry.

God’s got me; therefore, I know everything will be okay.

He works pretty fast doesn’t He? I’m so grateful He loves me.

Have a blessed week!



Wednesday Writings

Yesss, it is Wednesday already! Only two more days until the weekend! Nothing big planned. I just love my weekends.

Well, I’m not going to take up too much of your time. Today’s blog is to encourage you to stay the course. You may not be where you imagined you would be at this time in life; however, you are still here and definitely on track. Do not allow minor setbacks to stop you from moving forward or believing in your full potential. If God gave you the dream, vision, and purpose, it is already yours. I would typically say, “Claim it!” However, recently – like last night – God advised me that it was time to move beyond “claiming it” to “receiving it.” So, receive what God has for you. Receive it and OWN IT! Got the “OWN IT!” part from Bishop T. D. Jakes (smile).

That’s it for today. Please enjoy your Wednesday!