Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Hello! So I have been blogging for two years now. Well… on this particular site. My other site was professional and way too boring. Lol! At the time that I created this site, I was on this transparency kick. I needed people to be transparent. I was so tired of the fake–glorious–perfect social media posts. Ugh!! The frustration was real! So I decided if others could not be transparent, at least I could. Below is the blog I wrote two years ago. It is very transparent. Enjoy!

Mourning Aunt Flo


8 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Anniversary!”

  1. Love transparency and hate the fake, edited crap! Be real and learn through others who are and people will learn from your real ness:)

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    1. I have also been rejected because I have been too transparent, and it hurts. But what I have learned is, those who rejected me were never meant to be part of my life. Believe me, it hurts. Not sure if that pain every really goes away, but it does seem to ease over time. Thank you for sharing your experience and take care of yourself.

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