Be Consistent

This morning I heard the phrase, “be consistent,” while watching a video. I love one of Merriam-Webster’s definitions– to be marked by harmony. Here is what I have learned about consistency. If your head is in it and your heart is not, or vice versa, despite good intentions, you will not be consistent. Both need to operate in harmony.♥️ ~Shaun

Consistency matters.

Hold On

Hold on. God is working. He’s already set things in motion. Listen, you cannot afford to give up now.♥️ ~ Shaun

Don’t give up. It’s already yours.

It’s been two years since I took my amazing leap of faith. Truthfully, I have zero regrets. However, I have found myself at a crossroads. I’m at a point where part of me wants to go back to what’s familiar, to what is safe and comfortable; while the other part wants to ride this thing out and see where it takes me. I keep hearing, “Hold on,” and “You are sooo close.” But reality is staring me in the face saying, “Girl, get your head out the clouds! Try again later when you’re better equipped.”

It’s a lot.

I feel like if I do not see this thing through, I will always turn back when things get hard. I know God’s got me. This is just one of those hurdles I have to face.

Y’all have a blessed weekend.



Never stop believing.♥️~ Shaun

A few years ago, I shared a tweet Matthew A. Cherry, producer and director, had shared from years earlier. His original tweet read, “I’m gonna be nominated for an Oscar one day. Already claiming it.” He tweeted this on June 1, 2012. Well, in February 2020, he actually won an Oscar for his animated short film, Hair Love. Fun fact… I backed his Kickstarter for the film. So you already know I was super excited when the film won!

Anyhoo.. just like Matthew and so many others have done – manifest what you desire; believe it will happen; then, work towards getting it. It may take a while, even decades before it comes to fruition; however, you best believe, if it’s meant to be, IT WILL HAPPEN or something greater will. That’s how my God works. Smiling

Enjoy your week!


Mistakes Are Going to Happen: Keep Moving

We cannot allow the fear of making mistakes stop us from moving forward. Let’s make our mistakes, regroup, refocus, then move on. Y’all, our purpose is too great to let a few mistakes stop us!♥️ ~ Shaun


Trust Your Instincts

How many times do you second guess yourself before making a good decision? You KNOW it’s good, yet you stall. It’s funny how we easily trust our instincts to protect us from harm, but rarely trust them to accept/receive something good, something positive. Let’s change this! Moving forward we will not second guess what we KNOW is right.♥️ ~ Shaun