Wednesday Writings

We repeat what we don’t repair.

Christine Langley-Obaugh

This quote was amongst my Facebook memories from seven years ago – February 16, 2022. Y’all, chills literally ran through me as I read this quote. It made me stop and ask myself what am I repeating? What have I not repaired? What behaviors am I repeating that are preventing me from moving forward?

Hmm… That’s about all I’m going to write today. If this quote has you as shaken as it has me, maybe you should do what I’m going to do, disconnect and truly think about the things I haven’t repaired. You know, the things we say we have repaired but have actually been avoiding because confrontation only brings pain. Yeah.. it’s time to do a little soul searching because life is too precious and too short to continue repeating the same cycle.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Wednesday!


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