God Will Restore Everything You Lost

Reading through past journal entries from this date and came across an excerpt I wanted to share.

In 2020, right before the nation shutdown, I was in the process of closing on my house. This would be the first house I purchased on my own. You see, in 2015, when my ex-husband and I separated, I had to let the house go into foreclosure. I did everything I could to hold on to that house because 1) I didn’t believe I would ever be able to purchase one on my own and 2) my son loved that house. Well, five years later, I purchased my first home. Here’s what I wrote on March 7, 2020.

God is doing so much at the moment. It all amazes me. He keeps reminding me of what He said in 2014. “No one can receive your blessings like you. They won’t understand the praise behind the blessings. But God!” I’m so grateful. This is mine. It’s true that God will restore everything you’ve lost with better. I was looking at my bathroom the other day and thinking how it’s the same color as the one in the [foreclosed house]. But it’s the remodeled version of what I imagined the other could be. It’s a lot. And I’m grateful.

Of course this isn’t my forever home, but it’s mine. Every day I thank God for restoring what I lost. This is only one example of God’s restoration. He’s restored so much more and He’s still restoring. Listen, when God asks you to let go of something, stop trying to hold on to it, let it go. He will always restore what you believe you’re losing with better.

Thanks for reading. Praying you enjoy your week!

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