Be Consistent

This morning I heard the phrase, “be consistent,” while watching a video. I love one of Merriam-Webster’s definitions– to be marked by harmony. Here is what I have learned about consistency. If your head is in it and your heart is not, or vice versa, despite good intentions, you will not be consistent. Both need to operate in harmony.♥️ ~Shaun

Consistency matters.

It WILL Happen

Hello World! Sitting here in tears… happy tears. No, nothing miraculous has happened. Just visited my Facebook memories (had been logged off for a few days and about to log back off–loving this peace) and the Hello Sunday I had written last year was the very first post. I am sharing the link to the entire blog, below. Here is a snippet of what I wrote.

Hello Sunday by moi, written on May 29, 2022:

“Yesterday I shared the quote, ‘It WILL happen.’ This morning I checked my Facebook memories and last year, on this very date (May 29, 2021), I posted the exact same thing. Not in blog or quote, but as a response to someone else’s dream/vision. Y’all, at this moment, I’m so overwhelmed with emotions. I can finally see my dreams coming to fruition. My life is nothing like I imagined at all – it’s better!”

Fast forward to the present and nothing has changed outwardly. I’m still living in the same house, driving the same car, eating the same food–nothing visibly noticeable. However, internally… y’all, internally my life is completely different. I wish I could explain the joy and peace I feel within. When I tell you it’s greater than anything I have ever imagined. Y’all, I feel like a completely different person. Listen, if you only knew…

Y’all, God is absolutely amazing. I am truly blessed. My It WILL Happen has actually become, It IS Happening.

Yes, I’m blessed.





Never stop believing.♥️~ Shaun

A few years ago, I shared a tweet Matthew A. Cherry, producer and director, had shared from years earlier. His original tweet read, “I’m gonna be nominated for an Oscar one day. Already claiming it.” He tweeted this on June 1, 2012. Well, in February 2020, he actually won an Oscar for his animated short film, Hair Love. Fun fact… I backed his Kickstarter for the film. So you already know I was super excited when the film won!

Anyhoo.. just like Matthew and so many others have done – manifest what you desire; believe it will happen; then, work towards getting it. It may take a while, even decades before it comes to fruition; however, you best believe, if it’s meant to be, IT WILL HAPPEN or something greater will. That’s how my God works. Smiling

Enjoy your week!


Mistakes Are Going to Happen: Keep Moving

We cannot allow the fear of making mistakes stop us from moving forward. Let’s make our mistakes, regroup, refocus, then move on. Y’all, our purpose is too great to let a few mistakes stop us!♥️ ~ Shaun



Dedication (Merriam-Webster): Self-sacrificing devotion and loyalty

Whew!! What a definition! Listen, dedication requires heart and commitment. If your heart isn’t in it, consider letting it go. However, if your heart is there, STICK WITH IT!♥️

On this date five years ago (2017), I posted my second blog. Here’s what I wrote in my journal–

Just published my second blog. Some may read it. Some may not. Either way, I have to keep up what I’ve started. We shall see. With God’s help, it’ll be done. Amen

Today’s entry will make 583 consecutive daily posts under It’s Shaun’s World. I’m not sure how many I have in total, which would include my blogs under The Research Diva/I Am LaShaundreaB and Nutrition with LaShaundreaB.

I guess you can say my heart is definitely in it! ~ Shaun