Wednesday Writings: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Tyler Perry’s Sistas

Hello. Hello. Helloooo!!!

Guess what?! Today marks the 100th episode of Tyler Perry’s Sistas!! Yessss!! Three years. Five seasons. 100 episodes! Pretty awesome, right?!

Y’all, I’m so happy for the cast. They have worked their butts off over the past three years. Honestly, I have never seen a cast that has been more engaged than this one. Their enthusiasm and appreciation for everything they have gained over the past three years is so authentic. And y’all, their love for their fans is unmatched! They LOVE their fans!!

Listen, I don’t care what anyone says about Tyler Perry’s extremely rare work ethicsno other bears gifts– intangible gifts – like he does. Baby, not only does he create great shows that keep us talking for days, months and years, he also creates families. Yes, families! As past cast members have said, by the time they finish filming they are so much more than colleagues, they are family. Y’all, that’s why I can’t stop supporting this man. He gets it. He gets the bigger picture! He knows how to bring people together. That’s a gift – a beautiful gift – and I love it!♥️

Anyhoo… got to stay on point. Laughing

Y’all, last night I was having all kinds of proud momma moments for the ladies and they aren’t even my babies. I couldn’t stop looking at their Instagram stories. The 100th episode celebration that they were given was EPIC! I could not stop watching. I loved seeing their smiles. So genuine. So appreciative. Listen, I remember where they were three years ago, and I see where they are now. Y’all, God’s work is amazing!

So, last year I gave up tweeting during the shows. Yeah.. I felt old trying to hang with the younger tweeters. Now, I’m chatting in our We Are Sistas Facebook group, which is more my speed, and I love it! However, yesterday, after seeing all of the excitement, I thought about tweeting again, just one more time, to help them celebrate. We shall see what happens. Smiling

Well, that’s all I have for you this Wednesday! Hope you have a spectacular day!!


Throwback from when it all began. So much has changed!

Another gift! Love this group. Oops: Not sure who to give photo credit to.

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