Be Present

How often have you heard, “be present”? Easier said than done, right? For me, it’s not something that comes naturally. I’ve found I have to be intentional about being present. Today my goal is to be present and enjoy life as it happens. Who’s with me? ~ Shaun


Sending Positive Vibes Your Way

Stay focused. Stay present. God’s in control!

Today’s a new day! Time to get up and get going. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised. Stay present and always stay focused.

Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way. Remember, you have control over what you allow into your space. Take time for a little self-care. Turn off the television. Log off social media. And relax. Meditate. Stream a good movie or show. Read a good book. Dance. Take a walk. Play a game. Love on your family and friends.

Listen, life is short, and stress literally kills. So please do something that makes your soul happy and your heart smile. Remember– You matter!

As always, this message is for me, too. Believe me, every time I write something inspirational in the morning, I always have to reference it a few hours later. Lol! Guess that’s how God works.

Staying present. Positive vibes, only!